Picture of the Day: Principals Talk Safety

Following last night’s stabbing incident in 770, the principals of Oholei Torah elementary school met with Rabbi Moshe Borowski, director of crisis intervention for Chai4ever, who offered his services and discussed practical tips for physical and mental safety of the school’s students and faculty.

Info to Be Menachem Avel Waldman Family

The Waldman family is sitting Shiva after the passing of their father, Reb Yosef, OBM, at 693 Montgomery St. [between Kingston and Albany Avenues]. Shachris: 8:45. Mincha: 4:00. Maariv: 6:00. At the family’s request, please refrain from visiting between the […]

Jews Around the Globe to Unite for Menorah Lighting

Building on the concept that if one little flame can bring light to darkness then many small burning wicks – from numerous continents – can enlighten the world, on December 16th at 9pm EST, and its equivalent time around the world, a 30-minute program will commence that will usher in Chanukah with an event that promises to be uniquely enjoyable, musical, international and inspirational.