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Weekly Letter: Seeing Beyond the Surface of the Object

With the beginning the three week period – we present a letter of the Rebbe to an artist in a mood of despair. The Rebbe points to the talent of an artist to see beyond the surface of the object and express its inner essence. So too in our service of Hashem – where we aim to see more than the surface. The Rebbe discusses the purpose of trials, tragedies and difficulties – especially in light of chassidus.

Here’s My Story: Jews, Uncategorized

For most of his life, Rabbi Shmuel Blizinsky (1931-2020) served as the Chabad emissary to the kibbutzim of Israel. In recent years, he retired to Hollywood, Florida, where he continued his outreach work. He was interviewed in March of 2011.

Video of the Day

If the NYC’s Police motto may be “If you See Something, Say Something,” then the criminals motto must be “If You See Something, Try the Door Handle When No One Is Looking.” This unsuspicious looking man saw something in a car window on Kingston Ave on Wednesday, and loitered around until no one was looking, when he tied the door handle and riffled around the car.