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Op-Ed: Is 770 Expansion Premature?

We have the ability to fulfill the Rebbe’s wishes that 770 be expanded now, stop waiting for issues to be resolved or for others to do their part. YOU must, “Do everything that YOU can,” to bring about the expansion. Op-Ed by Levik Jacobson

OP-ED: The Potential Drawbacks of Chabad Bochurim Studying in a Yeshiva in Israel

While the opportunity to study in a yeshiva in Israel is a dream come true for many Chabad bochurim, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks as well. Distractions and excitement can be a major obstacle to spiritual growth and development. For some Chabad bochurim, studying in a yeshiva close to home may be a better option. By being mindful of the potential drawbacks and carefully considering their options, Chabad bochurim can ensure that their time in yeshiva is a truly meaningful and transformative experience.

Yes, Shlichus is Still Available

Recently, there have been a spate of articles bemoaning the state of affairs in Shlichus. Many valid points are being made, but one critical element needs to be clarified. Shlichus IS still available, and Uncle Sam will foot the bill.

Op-Ed: Shlichus, Chassidishkeit

Rabbi Shimon Posner of Rancho Mirage, CA faced down the often-voiced question of surplus yungerleit for shlichus positions in an Op-Ed that points out the ever growing and shifting foundation that makes up the world of Shlichus.