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Op-Ed Response: Talking About Gimmel Tammuz

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman responds to an Op-Ed penned by Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, and published on, about speaking to the young generation about Gimmel Tammuz. Rabbi Behrman points out that Rabbi Avtzon’s viewpoint may be problematic, and can potentially lead to negative consequences.


Op-Ed: Is It Time To Talk About Gimmel Tammuz?

This week, we begin the month of Sivan and the “shloshim Yom Lifnei” preparations for the holy day of Gimmel Tammuz begin in earnest. The two words “Gimmel Tammuz” bring out strong, and very diverse, emotions and sensitivities by people and I feel that it is time for an open and honest Chinuch discussion about how we educate children, and ourselves, in our (temporary but) current situation.


Op-Ed: The Rambam and Healthy Eating

With the start of the new Rambam cycle those who are learning three chapters a day will be learning Hilchos Deot this week. Those learning one chapter a day will get there in the middle of Iyar. As you know the first two Halachos of the fourth Perek discuss healthy living.