BREAKING: Bochur Stabbed Inside 770 by Deranged Man

A 22-year-old Bochur [rabbinical student] was critically injured after being stabbed in the neck by a disturbed man in the main synagogue sanctuary at 770 Eastern Parkway. The stabber was shot by police officers and later died of his injuries.

The public is still being asked to say Tehillim for Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel.

The incident began to unfold at around 1:30am, when a Black man entered the synagogue sanctuary in the Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway and confronted a group of young rabbinical students while carrying a large switchblade-style knife.

The man appeared to be disturbed and was visibly agitated, according to multiple witnesses. The attacker spoke with the men for a minute when he suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them in the neck. The victim fled out the main doors of the building and collapsed on the sidewalk in front of 770.

The victim was identified by friends as 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat, who is from Beitar Ilit, Israel, and is in the states studying in ‘Kvutzeh’.

The victim and witnesses fled the synagogue and called out for help; police officers responded within seconds and confronted the suspect still inside.

Cellphone video reveals the NYPD police officers exercising extreme restraint, repeatedly ordering the suspect to drop the knife – all while he is asking others around him if they “want to die tonight.”

At one point it appeared that the man dropped the knife and the incident had concluded without any further bloodshed, but as officers move in to take the suspect into custody he quickly lunged for the knife and once again began threatening officers.

As the suspect made a move towards the police, he was shot once in the chest and dropped to the ground. Police then move in and cuff him.

In the meantime, Hatzalah volunteers were outside 770 treating the victim, and once the suspect was restrained they were called in to treat him as well – now the victim of a gunshot wound.

Both victim and assailant were rushed to Kings County Hospital and were both initially listed in critical condition. The victim was later ‘upgraded’ to stable – yet still critical – condition. The suspect succumbed to his wounds and died at the hospital.

The suspect was identified as a 50-year-old man, but his name was being withheld pending his family’s notification.

This is a consolidated story of many updates we have been posting since 2:23am.

Photos by Benams Photo and Benjamin Lifshitz



The stabbing victim, 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat.
The stabbing victim, 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat.

WARNING: Graphic Video, viewer discretion advised.

WARNING: Graphic Video, viewer discretion advised.

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  • leib

    We the jewry of ch should set up a very serious community meeting . I feel tension in the neighborhood . I remember just 4.months ago when I first moved to ch I walked into a grocery on utica avenue khalif and store clerk told me that soon all jews gonna die .
    Something sick about that .

    • not surprised

      Crown Heightsers have been living under lousy security for 30 years & even since the riots when Yankel Rosenbaum HY”D was murdered. There is no reason why security should be so lax in 770. And while I commend the officer who shot this creep, why didn’t they see him go in? Lots of questions.

      It’s time there was Israeli-type security at all entrances, including the veiber shuls.

  • shimom L.

    I am taking care of things with the detectives upstairs on 770.
    Since I am a witness…

  • concerned parent

    please consider removing the video, this is not something our children have to wake up to and cause trauma for them when approaching 770

    • Chavah

      It has a warning… honestly, that video is needed. If the national media gets ahold of a white cop shooting, and killing, a black man in 770… there will be riots and or protests outside every yeshiva and shul.

  • WTF

    Just watched the Youtube video… if there’s a madman with a knife who just stabbed someone, you get the heck away and let the police deal with it. Pity that common sense isn’t taught in Yeshivas, or anywhere else for that matter.

    • agreed

      However, whoever took the video gets 15 minutes of fame + money from the TV stations.

  • Meni

    So how could it happen in “Beis Moshiach”? We are in need for some theological answers…

  • to # 2

    what do you mean why didn’t they see him go in?
    1) he could have been a employee
    2) he could have been Jewish (we do have black Jews)
    3) its hard to see who is who in the dark when everyone is wearing winter clothing and bundled up.
    4) there are a million people going in and out do you think they should stand there like airport security? it’s simply not possible. (even with airport security nefarious people get through)

    that was a really ridiculous comment.
    The Bochur should have a complete Refua Sh’laima

    The police really did handle it in an appropriate manner.

    • Mishagas stupidity

      it was 145 in the morning how could they not see hi,m? there was almost no one going in & out at that time the employees are Mexicans & no one is general on duty at that time they come in around 4-5 am to start morning clean up he was there with that same car earlier why was there not an alert put out at least when he was there earlier? why was he not removed earlier taken in for questioning? why were the doors even open at that time & many more serious unanswered questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To # 4

    Your kids should not be allowed or even on their own be going to CHI or any other website the first thing when they get up!!!
    Your computer should have times and locked when your kids can go to websites…
    “Concerned parent”

  • anonymous

    The Sifrei Torahs and mezuzos of 770 should be checked. Levi Yitchok ben Raizel should please have a refuah shlaima. Please keep updates on his progress. Moshiach Now!

  • Horrified but not surprised

    The lack of security in 770 is/was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Armed guards at all entrances at all times, and check bags, too!

  • shul goer

    There are some dangerous & disturbed Jewish women in the ladies section as well. They harass people and are a violent incident waiting to happen. What are the Gabboim waiting for? GET RID OF THEM. It’s a shul, not a halfway house. Time to get serious about security, like the rest of the world,unfortunately.

  • stupid people

    Why are these Israeli’s standing right near a black guy with a gun after he has just stabbed someone, when the police are there with guns drawn u run!!!! What is wrong with these people?????

    • VERY stupid people

      It’s obvious from the video that if the police officer didn’t arrive when he did someone else would have gotten stabbed and maybe even killed.

    • Anonymous

      The word “black” was not necessary in your comment. “A guy with a gun” would have sufficed.

    • Stupid

      The word “guy” is not necessary in your comment. A “person with a gun” would have been more appropriate.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the world of “Out patient treatment” Doctors that let the mental patients loose in our CH streets far away from where the doctors live.

  • Omg

    I can’t believe they shot this guy he just had a knife
    And was running towards the cops after only telling him 100 times to put the knife down tell all these people protesting to put there hand down and get a job

  • R C

    Change heading of story lone terrorist!!! always thay are deranged when thay inflict death or wound to people

  • The Machlokes in 770 Must Stop!

    Anyone who is familiar with what Chazal say about Machlokes, knows that as Machlokes Matters are not corrected, it leads to such things.

    Many years ago, when Tragedy had befallen Lubavitcher (A Car Accident) and a Bucher’s life was hanging in balance and still had a chance to be saved, the Rebbe pleaded with his Chassidim to stop the Machlokes, in order to save the Bucher’s life.

    Sadly the Machlokes Makers, didn’t listen, and the Bucher did not make it.

    Hopefully we can be smarter this time and listen to the warning issued by the Rebbe himself to his own Chassidim.

    It’s pertinent especially in the Ezras Noshim where one lady’s shiur usually has only 1 or 2 or 3 listeners, yet spews forth venom and sinas chinum toward any other independent shiur, in the entire Ezras Noshim.

    770 is for everyone and no one individual has any right to demand that everyone must listen only to their 1 and only 1 shiur.

    770 is big enough, for 50 to 100 independent little private groups sitting and learning independently. Why would 1 person feel that they and only they must control all of 770’s Ezras Noshim, wall to wall, while they, themselves, only have 1 or 2 or 3 listeners, to their own shiur, yet they seek unilateral control of the entire Ezras Noshim and use Sinas Chinum to achieve their goal?

  • After stabbings in israel

    Why is there no security at a place like 770 especially after what happened in Har nof !!!!!! Where is the committe on this ???? There needs to be full security and full surveillance cameras !!! Get on it !!! Why are we sleeping ?? Do we think in America there is no terrorist ??? Wake up !!

  • to#4

    Why do you let your kids see the rest of the trash online? These news sites are considered Kosher?

  • Not a random attack...

    First off whoever was taking the video is totally out of line…who does that! Instead try helping by saying some Tehilim!
    I wander why they think this is just some ” random attack by a madmen”, he just happened to be mad enough and passed by 770 and decided this would be the place to stab someone?? Yeah right! Even if the guy was crazy this was a planned attacked.

    • A bear in heaven a bear on earth

      we can all shoulda coulda woulda, byt I doubt you will ever see such a situation anytime soon. The video is deterrence for race pimps like al sharpton and the like to come down wit their circus

    • B"H there is a video

      I’m sure there were people saying Tehilim. It’s a good thing some quick-thinking observer took this video. It shows police repeatedly telling the man to put the knife down, and only shooting when he lunged at them with the weapon. It also documents the fact that Jewish bystanders who could have (and probably should have) run for their own lives, were instead pleading with the police officers not to shoot. Without the video, those who didn’t witness the act would be free to make up their own story and who knows what they would say. This was a case of one very disturbed individual committing a violent crime, and being shot as a last resort by officers who did everything they could to arrest him without further incident.

    • 28 is right

      If there was not a evidence, it would be not just ” a white cop killed a black man” but also ” the jews did it”… so, Boruch Hashem this guy did this

  • White guy shooting harmless black guy

    If this was a month ago I wonder how the police would have reacted to this harmless man.

    Why were the bochurim talking him without immidiatley calling the police. Hey put that big police truck outside to use

  • Good job cops

    After all of the complaints that people seem to be having in Crown Heights about the police, I think it is time to commend them for a job well done.

  • very proud

    It’s very admirable of these bochurim to ask the police not to shoot this man, put them selves in harm’s way, in order to try and solve this in a civil way. Even though there friend was stabbed!
    Just goes to show what lengths these guys go to keep the peace!!


      What they did was dangerous and plain and simply stupid,

      With no one else in imminent danger they should have not put themselves in harms way!

      Once the police were on the scene, they definitely had nothing to be there for.

    • Smart

      Ya the police know there stuff stay away and protect yourself

      BE SMART
      Use YOUR G-d givin BRAIN

  • seriously

    People a Bochur got hurt cut the BS comments for once – it should never happen in 770 and not to anyone!

  • Why are they standing there???

    Why are the bochurim standing and talking to him after he just stabbed someone?

  • Common Sense

    Common sense is not so common these days. Why would folks put their selves in harms way and not leave and let the police do their jobs. If he was to grab someone else then the situation would have gotten difficult for the police. Stop pretending to be a hero.

  • Mishagas stupidity

    real answers are needed no one is asking the simple common sense questions especially considering what we now know? why were the doors open @ 145 am? where were the night shomrim in 770? why wasn’t he arrested detained when he was in 770 earlier? why wasn’t he seen as soon as he parked his car in front @ 145 am?? where were the police then? where were shomrim & shmirah? why why why? many questions no answers we need to demand real answers there should be a massive demonstration in front of the precinct in front 1 pp demanding real answers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isaac

    All comments aside, this makes me feel like crying. Gunshots in Beis Chayenu?
    We need to fight harder to bring Moshiach.

  • Avi

    The doors must be open at all hours.
    This the place where Mosiach will come first and it can happen any moment.

  • Patient Police does right thing

    Very. comendible that the Officer had Patients and tried talking the man down for quite some time
    Before he had no choice but to shoot him.
    Much kudos to them for their service!

  • yosel G

    this is a direct action because of sharpton, daughtry, the mayor and the president. They use as scape goats. We need to be proactive and make sure in some manner that they get jobs in walmart or McDonalds where they cannot hurt anyone.

  • just me

    cops did a solid job – thank goodness for nypd is all I can say.
    Could have turned out way worse.

  • Jonathan

    no mention of Islamic terrorism?…Pull your heads out of the sand…Every Jew needs to be armed

  • Chaye

    Seeing Hatzoloh helping the killer is amazing. Would anybody else have helped if they saw a Jewish
    man lying on the floor, dying. yasher Koach to Hatzoloah , and the NYPD;s quick response. Amazing how the bochurim inside tried to reason, with a man wielding a gun. A quick refuah sheleima to the Bochur who is now undergoing surgery. We need to pull together as a community and stop the machlukis between our own people.

  • Consealed Carry from Texas

    If it would have been in any other concealed carry State, the video would have been much shorter. Were the Police outside 770 as they always have been or has the “administration” removed the Police presence from 770? Good thing it was documented (to any of you people who criticize the photographer) it would have been another uproar by the Black community of a White office killing a poor black victim of police brutality. Least we forget how the auto accident lead to the POGROM in 1991.

  • Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher


    GET A GUN.



  • Unliberal Jew

    Thank you NYPD, for taking out the two-legged garbage that roams the streets of NY. May that Jew-hater criminal burn in hell for attacking a Jew.

  • An Israeli's suggestion

    In Israel, say Malha Mall in Jerusalem whenever it’s open, or the Kotel, (24-hour security personnel) thousands of people come & go every day. You say 770 can’t be secured? WRONG. If the Kotel & Malha are properly secured, 770 for sure can be. Here’s how:

    Every entrance has to have trained, armed security. Security barriers like we go through in airports. EVERY bag, inc Tefillin, no matter whose, has to be searched. Every employee or person with daily business in 770, from Rabbi Krinsky to the lowest janitor, has to have a lanyard security badge with picture ID. Background checks on every janitor/cleaner etc. Security INSIDE 770 24/7 as well. Is the price of security too high for our safety?

    Israelis are used to it, so no complaints there. Americans – you will get used to it. We did, here in Israel. Because the next attack might well be a terrorist one & the sleeping cops outside won’t be able to do a thing.

  • Thankful

    Wow! Amazing how some people just can’t hold themselves back from talking stupidly!

    Thank you NYPD
    Thank you HATZALAH
    Refuah Shelema Levi Yitzchak Ben Raizel
    770 needs more security as well as our children’s schools
    Thank you Videographer for documenting and showing the world what happened instead of having them make up lies!
    (PS to #4: your kids will be fine even if they see this…at least they’ll know to be prudent and watch their backs)

  • Cholent Mit Kugel

    TO COMMENT #11. Not all workers who clean 770 are Mexicans. You are a racist bigot.

  • Crown Heights Resident

    The Rebbe Said: That if Israel gives away land that Hashem gave them in a miraculous way during the June 1967 Six day war. This will put the lives of jews all over the world in extreme danger

  • ShlomoStephenSpigelman

    I commend the officer for doing the right thing, especially in times like this! He wasn’t thinking that this could have potentially been career suicide. He – they – did their jobs! Congrats!
    Now, as for surveillance, yes, I agree that 770 could use a surveillance system, but airport-style security just won’t float. Way too convoluted.
    How did he get in some of you were asking?
    No one… NO ONE is infallible! It happens. B”H there were officers nearby.
    And to the person who was trying to talk the guy down… Good job… Until the cops came. Once they’re there, you get out of the away and stop interfering!

  • rabbi dr. bernhrd rosenberg

    Though this is a tragic loss of life, Rabbi’s were begging the police not to shoot the man, though he was an attempted murderer who entered the Synagogue looking to kill Jews in a premeditated hate crime. The police showed tremendous restraint until they had no choice but to act. Where are the liberal Rabbis now. ? Why no marches.? Where is the Jewish and non-Jewish community when a Jew is murdered like the Rabbi visiting Florida. ? Jews will you never learn. ? We do not riot and and steal from the community. The policeman should be praised. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


    AS USUAL, the commentary comes down to JEWS criticising other JEWS each one thinks they have the best argument.. It`s the same with every issue that is presented here.

  • מאוד מעניין

    כשמסתכלים כאן בסרטון המלא, רואים דבר ממש מעניין: זוהי דוגמא מרתקת להבדל בין הגישה של שוטרי ניו-יורק לבין הגישה של שוטרי ישראל, ומה קורה כאשר שתי התרבויות מתערבבות ביחד…

    כל אחד הגיע עם התרבות שהוא רגיל אליה: א) השוטרים האמריקנים רצו לעשות את מה שהם יודעים לעשות טוב: לצאת עם כל הכוח, להתייחס לתוקף כאל חיה, ולנטרל אותו כמה שיותר מהר, כלומר לירות בכושי בהזדמנות הראשונה; ב) הבחורים הישראלים, כהרגלם, החלו לחלק לשוטרים פקודות, לבלבל אותם ולרכך את שני הצדדים כדי לנסות להגיע ל”פשרה”; ג) הבחורים הצרפתיים, מצידם, אמרו לישראלים להפסיק להתערב ולא להגיד לשוטרים מה לעשות.

    הגישה הישראלית הצליחה במידה מסוימת, במובן שהם הצליחו לרכך את הכושי ולשכנע אותו להוריד את הסכין, דבר שהגישה של דיבור בתוקף של השוטרים האמריקנים לא הצליחה לעשות.

    אבל אז הכושי הרים את הסכין בחזרה והמשטרה חזרה לסגנון התקיף שהם רגילים אליו, והוא כתוצאה מכך נעשה גם-כן תקיף והם ירו בו, לא לרגליים כמו בארץ, אלא ישר לבטן והוא נפטר בבית הרפואה.

    לא נראה שהשוטרים הזילו דמעה מהסיפור. רואים בסרטון שגם לאחר שהוא כבר מתבוסס בדמו, הם ממשיכים להתנהג אליו באלימות ולקלל אותו. זאת בניגוד לחובשים החסידיים של ארגון “הצלה”, שכפי שרואים בתמונות, טיפלו וניסו להציל את חייו של הפולש שרק כמה דקות לפני-כן דקר יהודי.

    לשם עוד השוואה של הגישה של משטרת ניו-יורק לעומת הגישה של משטרת ישראל למקרה כמעט זהה:

    עימות עם שוטרי ניו יורק:

    עימות דומה עם שוטרי ישראל:

  • moche

    chalom room how are you all ?

    iam from france and we have a lot of troubles with muslim people iam wondering if anyone knows what’s happening in france 1 weeks ago 2 young blacks of 19 years old and 1 arab came in a flat with guns and have raped a young girl she was not jewish in fact she lives with her boyfriend who is jew they were looking for money.

    americans cops did a good job

    in france they do nothing . they scare !!!
    iam married and i do not want to see my children gRow up in france ? i really do not know where to go..

  • Other ways of stopping attackers

    The violent attacker was asking for it, justice was served, and he got what he deserved – but why did a lethal gun shot have to be used? Why couldn’t Mace or a Taser have been used instead to subdue him?

  • moche

    sorry i meant , our police in france they are afraid !!!

    politics do nothing to protect the jews they just talk and talk. we do not trust them anymore ! !!!

  • #62 I Agee!

    May levi yitzchok ben raizel have a speedy recovery!

    And kind and polite communication regaurding security is most important.

    Say it! But say it with kindness!

    And think before you post a comment or say a comment that may “stab” another persons heart.

    Even if youre right, be humble.

  • Gabriel

    Why at night 770 does not close? And in general, where the guards and metal detectors at the all entrances? How long does it even night and day criminal cases? Jewish life cost something or not? Hey, rabbonim?

  • Emes is Emes

    An anonymous commenter (above #13, December 9, 2014 6:51 am) wrote: “The Sifrei Torahs and mezuzos of 770 should be checked.” This is a good idea, but I’d like to suggest something even more basic, obvious, and urgent. How about checking the large writing in the signs that are all over the walls, with false slogans that definitely have no place in a Shul or in any Jewish home?

    These signs have been wrongly placed in 770 for way too long and need to be removed immediately! They are clearly responsible for a great amount of Machlokes and spiritual and physical harm. Take down those divisive signs now! Do not leave them up even one day longer. Clean out 770 completely!

  • Reb Levi

    To # 3

    Its nice to hear from Shimon L. there so early.

    I think that L stands for Shimon Liberow.
    Its not his only accomplishment with saving people. He was there to save people at a fire, to assist police in catching a man on the loose and many more,
    B”H, he has a very sharp eye for such things, I bet he was the one who chased the guy away earlier in the day.

    Brave fellow.
    Kol Hakovod.

  • Ceylan

    I am not Jewish but what amazed me is. The man had just stabbed a Jewish man and still the Jewish Rabbi’s did not want the attacker to be hurt. He has such a big heart. I send my love to the young man who wants stabbed and to his family and I send my love to the Rabbi who insisted police did not shoot the Black attacker. I’m not saying it’s good he didn’t want to but i’m saying it just goes to show how amazing the heart of a Jewish person is.

  • Paul

    Restraint was used by police. But the police need to be trained how to stop attackers who have knives without having to kill them. They should learn the techniques and have the defensive tools to disarm attackers who don’t have guns.

  • Mike

    Paul does not understand. The choice of weapon is not an issue. Once the intent is formed all methods are acceptable to protect the innocent. I do not need to be armed to kill or seriously injure someone. With a knife or even a club I could take out many victims if no one was on the scene with superior weapons and the ability to use them. You should also keep in mind that the stun guns were designed to be a nonlethal tool so that shooting would not be necessary. However the stun guns fail in both directions. At times they have caused death while at other times they fail to subdue the attacker. It is not nearly as clear cut as thinking “there is no gun so we are safe enough to not use guns”. This kind of thinking causes injury and death to innocent people.