Stabbing Victim’s Condition Takes a Turn for the Worse

Levi Rosenblatt, the 22-year-old rabbinical student who was stabbed earlier this morning in the 770 Eastern Parkway synagogue, has been placed in an induced coma after doctors discovered internal bleeding that is putting pressure on his brain.

Early this morning, doctors at Kings County Hospital discovered a ‘vascular laceration’ that was causing internal bleeding and adding increased pressure on the victim’s brain.

Although Kings County is a top-rated hospital, their staff are not equipped to handle the procedure – which is described as micro surgery – and the victim had to be transported to anther hospital.

At around 7:00am, an ambulance along with an NYPD escort transported the patient to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, NY, where a staff specializing in this type of surgery was awaiting him.

The procedure is expected to take place sometime today, and the public is asked to increase their prayers for the victim, Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel, to make a complete and speedy recover.

Update at 3:00pm:

Doctors at Bellevue Hospital performed a non-invasive surgery on Rosenblat, and expressed optimism that the procedure was successful. His vitals are strong, they reported.

Rosenblat’s condition, though improving, is still serious, and the doctors are keeping him sedated for the time being.


The stabbing victim, 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat.
The stabbing victim, 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat.


    • Yohanan

      Amen! The black and islamic word get mad with baseless hate! We need Moshiach NOW!

  • Filomena Lombardo

    Dear God please heal this young man. Guide the hands of his surgeons and help him to a full recovery.

  • Bradley Tepper

    Now the blacks have someone new to march against !!! Their gonna say this JEW caused another blackman to be killed by police !!!

    • ADN

      No need to be racist. This wasn’t about him being black. The guy had issues, and had previous altercations with police.

    • Anonymous

      How could any Jew make such a blatantly racist remark? If I recall correctly, we Jews haven’t always received fair treatment (remember nazis?). Stop making judgments based on skin color.

    • Yohanan

      Your note is for the “White” only, or for any human? As we Jews teach, blood of our fellow has exactly the same colour. I wish human brethern with darker skin will start to take it to their hearts! The same for brethern with lighter hair!

    • i saw on COL in a comment

      it happened… someone blamed the ‘white jew’ for not realizing the black had mental problems and holding him back, causing the police to shoot him.

    • Liora

      R”S to the victim of this horrible crime. May HaShem bless his healing and restore him to complete and perfect health.

      If you see the video, you’ll hear the rabbi begging the officers not to shoot the stabber.

  • Ayelet HaShachar Birulin

    My children and I said this together as we were getting ready for bed. Refuah shleimah.

  • Chani Moore

    Refuah sheleima! May Hashem heal him speedily. Which tehillim should be said for him?

  • What?!

    I work at Neurosurgery at Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital – two blocks away from Kings County HospitAl. We specilize on all Neorosurgery. Excellent team and very experienced Neurosurgens. So they shleped him all the way to the city??? When time means brain?

    • CH'er

      to # 16

      Respectfully accepted your plea and dismay,,,,,,

      However, I am a firm believer in Dr’s as they are shluchim from the Aibeshter, the “Rofei Kol Bosor Umaflia….”

      In addition, I cant and don’t believe that the Dr’s in King County Hospital weren’t aware of your and your hospitals expertise,

      Nevertheless they collectively agreed (perhaps together with Hatzalah,, my own perception, without any clear knowledge of it) that this move was the best for this poor Bochur…

      on a personal note, my good sir Dr. in addition to your cruel remarks you could of at leased wished him a R”SH” if not more….

      May Hashem bring the proper knowledge to the new team of Dr’s to do the right thing and bring a FULL RECOVERY to Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel, “Beyodoi Hamelaya Hakesucha Vehakedosha,
      Amen Bekorov Mamash

  • yocheved

    Refuah shelaima for a complete and speedy immediate and safe recovery! Please G-d!

  • Menachem Rephun

    The police had a standoff with the perpetrator in the beis medrash. The officers were forced to shoot him when he refused to drop his knife after being ordered to several times. He’s dead now.

  • bklyn50

    I am praying for the life of this victim, Levi, and his recovery to full health.

    We should all pray for Bradley; the assailant was mentally unbalanced. I didn’t know that mental illness was a function of melanin. The assailant had a knife in his hands, which video plainly shows he didn’t drop. Your anger at the senseless attack on Levi’s life is justified.
    Your bigotry for the assailant isn’t justified.
    Your anger against the assailant is.

  • Meir Weiss


    google plus and twitter share buttons are not working for me on your webpages

    webmaster help please

    very sincerely


  • Menachem Rephun

    I do not have sympathy for the attacker, mentally ill or not. There is no justification for his evil behavior. Remember, this is a man who was heard muttering “kill the Jews, I’m going to kill the Jews”. He got less than what he deserved.

  • Jeff

    praying for a complete recovery of body and spirit ….please save this kind mensch !

  • Ari

    Aside from Psalm 20 (printed above), for those who relate to this, there is also Tikun Haklali or the “All-encompassing remedy,” from Breslov. (I’m a Chabadnik but I have a connection because I’m descended from Rabbi Nachman.) The Tikun Haklali is a selection of 10 Tehillim (Psalms) to be recited in order without interruption whenever it is permissible to recite Psalms. It’s sometimes helpful because sometimes the root spiritual cause of a problem is not clear but by offering a measure of correction for all 10 sefiras within a person, it offers a measure of correction for whatever they need. The 10 Psalms are: 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137 and 150. I’ve often found this helpful.

  • Anonymous

    May Hashem see our tears, pain and hear our prayers for this beautiful boy and may Hashem bless him with a speedy recovery

  • Menachem Sholom Las Vegas

    May the Ropheh Kol Basar Umafli Laasos exercise his power to bring about a speedy recovery.

  • VMS

    I’m confident that he is out of the woods for the primary cause for concern, namely the intracranial bleed and the vascular repair. But…, his recovery may or may not be 100% depending on how long vital areas of his brain were deprived of oxygenation. His secondary concern now is a hospital borne infection. So, when you visit, wash your hands thoroughly with the antibacterial stuff they have in the hospital. Note that his youthful age is a major factor for a good outcome.

    When he gets out of the ICU, and when he is feeling up to it, i am sure he would appreciate a few visitors, but not too many. The whole Chabad community (or even a small fraction) can be overwhelming; he knows that we are all praying for him and only needs to see his close relatives and friends and the Rabbi he studies under. Don’t bring him food that is not authorized by his physicians and don’t overstay your welcome. At some point, he will want outside food, but ask the doctors first. He should have someone with medical knowledge with him 24/7, not to bother him, but to ensure that he is indeed getting all his medications and care as prescribed by his doctors,and only that care (not someone else’s.

    Well, enough said. May he make a speedy and FULL recovery, and may Hashem guide his physicians and medical caretakers to that end.

  • yehoshua

    Its not fair what is going on with the yiddin. Refuah shelaymah. We need achdusu

  • Shimon Pepper

    we pray for your refuah shlamah and that there be no more korbonos now and in the future.

  • Aharon Ephraim

    On behalf of all the bochurim at Yeshivat Hadar Hatorah, I wish him a refuah Shlaymah. We’re davening and saying tehillim for him. We’re behind you all the way Kid!

  • Daniel S.

    I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    רפאנו ה’ ונרפא הושיענו ונושעה כי תהלתנו אתה. והעלה רפואה שלמה לכל מכותינו כי אל מלך רופא נאמן ורחמן אתה. ברוך אתה ה’ רופא חולי עמו ישראל

  • Rachel Greenberg

    !רפואה שלימה

    The entire world is davening for you, motek. With Hashem’s help, you’ll be ok.

  • BN Prawiro

    Thinking of the young student and his family I pray for his speedy and total recovery. May there be meaning and healing to the sad incident.

  • Detroiter

    At least now we know what it takes for Chabad, inc. (and to like a “Tzfati” bochur. In fact, I’ve yet to see a single comment demanding he be put on the next plane back to Israel. Proof that Achdus can always be achieved – I guess we’ll just have to figure out how to have this happen more often.

  • We need security

    #41 you’re on the right track. Mentally ill or not, anyone who comes in asking for the davening & learning schedule as he did & yells “Kill the Jew: is a terrorist scouting out the territory.
    We need to beef up the security on 770 & all the shuls & schools like they do in Australia. They’ve been there and done that, so to speak in the Holocaust. They get security as they do in Israel & now in Mumbai & now HERE!
    Refuah Shlaima to Levi Yitzchak ben Raizel.

  • Hoffer family

    We wish Levi a complete a speedy recovery. May Hashem watch over him, his family and all Klal Yisroel. We wonder what special attention 770 will receive from the police, and what security protocols will be in place going forward, to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

  • Thanks to the Video recorder

    B’H this terrorist attack was caught on video. It helps with the PR and to show the truth of what’s happening instead of biased news.
    There were plenty of witnesses to protect the onslaught that hopefully will not come to the NYPD for doing the superb job that they did and do.
    We need more of them.
    Do we need our own security like we have our own Hatazalah?
    Think about it………..

  • hl

    Thanks NYS Governor !!!
    He signed a settlement with the Fed Gov that requires all Mentally ill to live independently in Supported housing with out supervision.

  • hakarat hatov

    I haven’t seen any comments commending the police for putting their own safety at risk to protect the lives of Yidden.

    I commend the police heroes.

  • Dalia

    i love seeing all the prayers and unity. He is young, and with all our prayers, he will recover soon.

  • Moshe The Puerto Rican-Jew

    On behalf of the Puerto Rican Sephardic Community, We wish you Refuah Shlema, Levi be strong.We are davening for you. Bring Mashiaj Now!!!

  • Judy Berman

    What could a person like this do to deserve such treatment. He’s a young man that will do such good for the world. May he have a speedy recovering.