Politicians Hold Press Conference in Wake of 770 Stabbing

New York City activists and politicians held a press conference Tuesday afternoon in the wake of the stabbing of 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat, a rabbinical student studying in the main sanctuary of 770 Eastern Parkway – the Lubavitch World Headquarters. They called for unity and calm, and commended the responding police officers for their restraint.

The press conference, called by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, took place just steps from where the attack occurred. Also in attendance were NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, NYC Assemblywoman Laurie Cumbo and NYC Councilman Mark Levine.

The speakers repeatedly commended the restraint of the police officers in dealing with the attacker, who only opened fire when there was no other choice.

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  • Chanina

    How does the Crown Heights community permit Chanina to talk?! He makes Crown Heights look like it’s a community full of clowns! If you are forced to have Chanina talk for the community, at least take up a collection to send Chanina to school to teach him public speaking!

    • Oy

      Agreed 100%. I could not get passed the first 2 min. where he reiterates that he was up all night, and then begins to thank everyone as if he had just won an Oscar award…all while making up words that do not exist in the English language (“I am resaying”…). As long as he is the CH communities representatives, that is how the community will be portrayed.

    • ROFL

      At least his suit fit. That’s an improvement. But he is illiterate & there’s no getting round that. What was that saying – you can put lipstick on a behema….

  • COP DR.


  • Thank you!

    Other than allowing our “leaders” to feel like they are doing something, what is the purpose of these types of press conferences?

  • To chanina

    The police did not come on their own !!. someone from 770 had to go outside to notify them. The police should have NOTICED AND sent someone the second after the guy came out of the car which stopped in front of 770 ( no standing allowed by the way). So the guy in the police van and or patroll car (if there was any at that time) was not really paying attention. SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO KISS UP and thank them!!!! The stabbing SHOULD NOT HAVE happened.THEY NEED TO DO THEIR JOB BETTER. AND IS ABOUT TIME THAT WE GET OUR OWN PRIVATE SECURITY ANYWAY.

    • wow

      That is a very ignorant statement. The cops did their job, there is no system in place to watch every single person going into 770 so you cannot blame the cops for not stopping this crime before it started. Ridiculous statements like these will alienate us from the cops that bravely stopped this nut before he was able to harm anyone else.

    • I disagree with you.

      This police officer was phenomenal. For one minute, please imagine being in the impossible situation this police officer was in, who shot the knife-wielding, murderous culprit. In this political climate, a lot was on this policeman’s shoulders — more than just the incident in front of him, but the very real worry about sparking a race riot, justified or not!

      You’re playing “Monday Morning Quarterback,” and hindsight is always 20/20.

      But if the police had actively followed the goy-turned-assailant into 770 merely for illegal parking, and hovered over him like a helicopter, the results could have led to there being race riots going on now, right here in Crown Heights, G-d forbid.

      Don’t get me wrong; of course I’d dearly want for the attack on Levi Rosenblat to have not happened. But the confrontation that led to the death of Trayvon Martin began with a community patrolperson merely following a man who seemed to be out of place in a neighborhood — not necessarily the wrong thing to do, but it did end with Martin’s death AND a lot of race riots as well.

      If the police had done what you suggest, we’d have had who-knows-what happening inside 770 (likely even worse than what did happen, R”L) AND another pogrom here in Crown Heights, chas veshalom! And you know that with this mayor De Blasio (AKA: Sharpton’s right-hand-man), it may as well be Dinkins in office all over again in the case of race riots in Crown Heights, again C”V.

      I phoned the non-emergency # of the 71st precinct, and I thanked them for handling things the way they did. And I told them to keep up the good work. AND I’M PROUD THAT I DID!!!!!


  • I agree with #3

    I’m sure Chanina is a nice guy , however if he’s going to speak in public he needs to be more polished in the English language and forming sentences.


      Chanina Sperlin in NOT a nice guy.

      Chanina Sperlin is a Mosser (informer), who caused harm and pain to many in Crown Heights.

      Search ‘Chanina Sperlin’, on my blog for more.

    • Cholent Mit Kugel

      It is embarrasing to listen to. Did he put hot coals in his mouth instead of reaching for gold as a child?

    • Nice guy?

      This isn’t about personality, it’s about representing the community & being a respected advocate for us. Not an ignorant fool who can barely string a sentence together. He is an embarrassment.

      Remember folks – HE WAS NOT ELECTED! But he does what he does (badly) because he doesn’t work except count his rents. (Wonder if he can use a calculator??)

  • Israel Teitelbaum

    It was heartrending to see this outpouring of support for our community. Hopefully this will result in surveillance cameras covering every street and alley in Crown Heights so that criminals no longer plague us. At the same time, we must also address the root cause of runaway crime in all of our cities.

    What went unmentioned at this news conference, as well as every news conference and news report in recent months regarding crime are the hard facts. The FBI reports that in 2013 Americans experienced 1.163 million violent crimes, including murder, rape, robbery and assault; and 8.632 million property crimes, including burglary and theft. At this rate, the average American is assured to be a victim of crime at least twice over the course of a lifetime! This, of course, does not include the crimes never reported, nor the many police reports that are somehow lost, as my Crown Heights friends have reported.

    Government is failing to educate our children to assure a peaceful and harmonious society. Our Rebbe, o.b.m., pleaded with us to restore parental rights by providing educational funding for nonpublic school children. The time has surely come to begin the healing process by restoring the role of the family as the basic fabric of a wholesome society. Please ask you Congressman (202-224-3121) to sponsor the proposed D.C. Civil Right Act for Equal Educational Opportunity, which will enable District of Columbia parents to send their children to approved schools of their choice at half the cost of substandard DC Public Schools and pave the way for all 50 states.

    For further clarification, please see Liberty Action Network:

  • Cholent Mit Kugel

    What was Chanina’s point? I am not so fluent in Babylonian. One hour of sleep? Where does he spend his nights?

  • JEW

    Instead of criticizing who said what. Why don’t we just pray to G-d so there should be peace in the world and bring Moshiah now.

  • mba

    Chanina sounds like the old man Wishedsky ….

    one word


  • mba

    to # 7

    Black ppl come in and out of 770 – 24/7 some work there (sadly…) some as companion to elderly ppl etc.

    so Police seeing a person of color entering is not a reason to sound all alarms …and grab him….
    (especially now that “Frisk & Serach ” is no longer allowed…NO TY Obama/Holder)



    Now, this does not mean stopping and frisking everyone who walks into 770, like at the airports. But, if somebody looks suspicious AND has metal on him (even HER), then we know to pay special attention to this individual(s).

  • Obama ימח שמו

    Chanina, so “Jewish blood is not cheap and no blood is not cheap but Jewish blood especially is not cheap”, and therefore what??? Did you get this glorious mayor whom you speak so highly about to sponsor security cameras for all street corners in Crown Heights?


    truefully the 7 laws of noach must be press to the child,teens,adult and holistic healing can heal the mind too,i hardly doubt that this was even tried,the man suffered in too many ways,but there are millions that are suffering just like this man did,there is much to be done,although no one likes kings country,there are people there who are pushing for holistic healing so the world will heal as in moshiach days


    The irrelevant vultures have descended on Crown Heights once again.

    Never let a good crises go to waste.

  • no leadership

    it would be nice if there were people in the community who could call a press conference and tell the world that the speakers in this article are all just publicity seekers and have nothing to do with the community in actuality.
    the only one I listened to was Chanina. and I only listened to his opening few words.
    he opens by thanking a politician. lol.
    oops. I shouldn’t laugh. I should cry.
    this is the representative of the CH community.
    and of course Dvori. but we don’t get to know what she said. I just hope she was angry. I mean – shouldn’t we be angry?
    but at whom? at the media and the so-called leaders who are making heroes out of Jew haters.

  • sent by terrorists?

    sometimes terrorists groups get mentally weak people to go kill someone.

  • Shocked

    Its Absolutly shameful that crown height allows and wants Sperlin to speak on our behalf. I’m disgusted.

  • ?!?!?

    this incident can not be compared to the Har Nof Synagogue.
    B: Can us CHer’s please appoint someone who speaks ENGLISH!!!!!

  • one big circus

    between all these so called community leaders hacking away about the body cameras that would make no difference in this case, they are just using a terrible tragedy for their agenda, to our (whats a nice way to put it) so called mouth pieces this looks and sounds like chelem!

  • Zalmy Schapiro son of Levi Yitzchok a' h

    first thing is that I really enjoyed this beautiful clips of all the people who are to help the Crown Heights Community and to make Crown Heights safe I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eric Adam, Letitia James ,Lauric Cumbo and Mark Levine for your wonderful speeches and for all your hard work for making us safe as as possible you are a hundred percent right our community needs to be safe and we will need to have peace in the only to love each other and that is the most important thing once again thank you so much for coming to Crown Heights and sharing with your wonderful speeches and I really enjoyed it and Dov Hiken and Chanin Sperilin for the past many years I’ve been hearing your wonderful speech is as well thank you once again and keep up the good work and to everyone else I think you for your beautiful speeches