Picture of the Day: Principals Talk Safety

Following last night’s stabbing incident in 770, the principals of Oholei Torah elementary school met with Rabbi Moshe Borowski, director of crisis intervention for Chai4ever, who offered his services and discussed practical tips for physical and mental safety of the school’s students and faculty.


  • Good to see you!

    I worked with Rabbi Borowski years ago, he is a knowledgeable man who really knows how to help kids caught up in trauma.

  • all schools need security

    We need much more security and secure door when entering institutions.

  • vic zilber

    kudos to MASK for arranging the speaker.If you know anyone suffering fro trauma please feel free to contact the MASK office at 1-718-758-0400

  • baruchd

    there is no better person than Rabbi Borowski to help in this situation. he has an impressive history of providing much needed assistance to the community at large.. yasher koach

  • Naomi

    Thank you, Ruchama and MASK, for sending Moshe and Chai4ever to the yeshiva. u r always there for us, Ruchama! Mashiach should come so all of these organizations can find new things to do!


  • no school should be left behind

    is OT the only school in Crown Heights
    where are all the other schools