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Weekly Letter: Highlights on the Parsha

The following are HIGHLIGHTS on the Parsha – Sedra Acharey – composed by Rabbi Nissan Mindel and annotated by the Rebbe. Rabbi Mindel’s literary works – done at the behest of the Rebbe – had the distinction of being reviewed and annotated by the Rebbe before being published in their final version.

Weekly Letter: Of What Use is a Person With Limited Physical or Mental Capacities?

In our present political atmosphere – where talk of abortion, with the fate of Roe Vs Wade in the balance and the topic of population control as promoted by the global elites is gaining attention – we are sharing a letter of the Rebbe in which he answers the question of a mother who wants to know: if the primary purpose of our existence is to fulfill G-d’s commandments – what is the purpose or meaning of my child’s existence, who is unable to carry out any of the commandments?