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PRINCIPAL – Cheder, Melbourne Australia

Cheder Levi Yitzchok is a Chabad Lubavitch school which is focused upon producing Australia’s future Chabad leaders.

The role of Principal is the most senior leadership position at the school responsible for overseeing student wellbeing, classroom experience, curriculum, operations, compliance, staff management and wellbeing, parent liaison, financial management and facilities management.

We seek an experienced and inspirational Chabad educator with skills in school operations, staff management and motivation, and with the capacity to foster a passionate Chassidishe environment.

Please contact Mrs Devora Goldman: devora.goldman@cly.vic.ed...

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Weekly Letter: Successful Parenting

In connection with raising Jewish children – the theme of our parsha, where Yaakov and his wives establish their Jewish family with the twelve tribes, we present a letter where the Rebbe gives his candid advice and a few basic principles for Jewish parents to follow in bringing up their children.

Weekly Letter: “My Jewishness Means Little to Me”

In this week’s parsha we learn of the birth and life of Yaakov and Esav, twins born to Yitzchak and Rivkah – and we see Esav disregarding the teachings of his parents and rejecting the responsibilities of a first born. In this connection – we bring a letter in which the Rebbe answers one who declares that “my Jewishness means little to me.”

Weekly Letter: Bereshis

The article we are sharing this week about Bereshis, was written by Rabbi Nissan Mindel and reviewed and noted by the Rebbe – as was done with most of Rabbi Mindel’s writings (which he wrote for his monthly children’s magazine Talks and Tales and other publications). The Rebbe’s corrections and notations are included in this final draft. Rabbi Mindel wrote other articles of this nature, about other parshios as well.

Weekly Letter: The Two Shmitta Laws Pertaining to Debts

The New Year we are soon beginning – 5782- is a SHMITTA/sabbatical year. In his letter, the Rebbe explains the special significance of this year as it can be applied to us in our relationship with G-d. The Rebbe’s emphasis here is not on the agricultural laws of shmitta but rather on the 2 shmitta laws pertaining to debts – where in our relationship with G-d, we are the debtors and G-d is the Creditor.