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Weekly Letter: Kindness of the Nations Is Sin

With Yaakov’s descent to Mitzrayim, starts the journey of the Jewish people in exile, under the rule now of the non-Jews. The Rebbe in his letter explains the concept of “Kindness of the nations is sin” – so that we may be very cautious about the seeming kindness non-Jews may display to Jews. Sadly, many misinterpret this kindness as a positive thing and use it as a basis for closeness with the non-Jews.

Weekly Letter: What It Means to be “Modern” and “Unmodern”

In our parsha, Chaye Sarah, we experience the first shidduch – of Yitzchak and Rivkah. In this connection we share a letter of the Rebbe with advice to a young lady with uncertainties regarding a shidduch – what it means to be “modern” and “unmodern” and the need to recognize the essential and the non-essential in choosing a partner with whom to build an everlasting edifice.