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Eber Liquor & Wines Pesach Sale

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$6 to Help a Jew in a Trailer Park

They may live a world apart from you, but just 3 hours away. Poor Jews.

Some live in a trailer park. They think they can’t afford to be Jewish.

They so badly want to be at a seder.

I wish you could meet them, they are real Baal Shem Tov’s Yidin.

So wholesome and Sincere. Can you help them?

We’d like to host them, but we can’t do it ourselves.

The local Jewish Community does not care and is not able to help.

So we turn to you. Because you do understand, and you do care.

Can you give $36? Even as little $6 can help.

Of course you can. I hope you do.

Please click here to help.

Torah and Values Broadcast Over South African Airwaves

Every Friday morning, Mashi Lipskar takes a break from her Shabbat preparations and spends an hour sharing her thoughts, experiences and inspirations with thousands of listeners via ChaiFM, South Africa’s Jewish “24/6” radio station.

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2 Bedroom Co-op
Located on Kingston Ave
Between Empire & Lefferts
Very nice condition 
Lots of windows
Lots of sunlight
1,050 Square Feet
Top floor – 2 Elevators

Asking $490,000.

Exclusively by Heights Properties

For appointments contact:
J.J. Katz
Phone: 718-363-3932 x 101
Instagram: Heights_properties

Eldest Son to Replace Father as Rov of Kfar Chabad

Within 24 hours of the passing of Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi, Rov and Mara D’Asra of Kfar Chabad, a panel of Rabbonim and community leaders convened and appointed a successor: his son, Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi.

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Are you still looking to get away for Pesach?

Are you still looking to get away for Pesach?

Beautiful updated 3 bedroom house available for rent

in the scenic Hudson Valley for Pesach. 

Adjacent to Chabad House, minyan and mikvah on premises.

Beautiful grounds. Parks nearby.

Minutes away from the famous “Walkway Over the Hudson”.

Lots of activities to do during Chol Hamoed.

Food option available as well. Strictly kosher non gebrokts with all hiddurim.  For more information or to book please call (917) 468-6128 or email

Chabad Rabbi Calls for Gun Law Changes in Europe

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director general of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) and the European Jewish Association (EJA), has called on governments in Europe to amend gun licensing laws to allow Jews to carry firearms, in light of the recent outbreak of violence against Jews.

Photos and Videos: The Rebbe and the Rov

In light of the passing last night of the beloved and longtime Rov of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi, OBM, we present two videos in which the he relates intimate encounters he had with the Rebbe in Yechidus, as well as a series of photos of his encounters with the Rebbe between the years of 1986 and 1991, which was compiled  by JEM.