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Eldest Son to Replace Father as Rov of Kfar Chabad

Within 24 hours of the passing of Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi, Rov and Mara D’Asra of Kfar Chabad, a panel of Rabbonim and community leaders convened and appointed a successor: his son, Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi.

Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi currently serves as a Maggid Shiur in the Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Tzfas.

The panel made their decision after reviewing the Rebbe’s past instructions on the matter, in which the son of a deceased Rov – when worthy for the position – was to be crowned in his stead.

The crowning ceremony will take place immediately following the Levaya.


  • 1. Shimon Shak wrote:

    “The crowning ceremony will take place immediately following the levaya”- is that appropriate?

  • 4. why no houses near 770? wrote:

    why are there no houses built near 770? as seen in the picture.

  • 5. Agree with comment # 1 wrote:

    Shouldn’t they wait till after shiva @ least. Come on right after the funeral ? It’s a little strange. Never seen that done b4

  • 7. no respect? wrote:

    how is that ok? I’d think you’d have to wait until at least after the shloshim.

  • 8. moishe wrote:

    how appropriate is your comment
    don’t you think that they know what they’re doing?!

  • 10. To all those asking wrote:

    Unlike crown heights kfar Chabad takes pride in their Rov things work differently there.

    • 11. YUP wrote:

      And in Kfar Chabad, ONE Rav was able to run the community with the respect of the whole Kehila. He will be missed but I’m sure Rav Meir is a worthy successor.

  • 12. to 9 wrote:

    “Minhag Chabad Bizman Ho’acharon” that a Rov doesn’t need Semicha, Like the last Rov of CH.

    Is the Minhag in Israel the same?? or the new KF”C Rov does have semicha??

    • 13. Ezra wrote:

      Do you have any reason to believe he doesn’t? If so, state it. Otherwise, don’t be מכה רעהו בסתר.

  • 14. CH'er wrote:

    i see a few comments on the fact that his son will be taking over and will be officially announced right after the Kvurah.

    well may I humbly respond to those in my unlearned way as I see fit….

    The neshomo of a person hasn’t left the body 100% yet, therefore we know the main purpose and good deed of a man is what he leaves behind, as we know why Parshas Chayei Soro was called such after her passing .
    it is an honor and great accomplishment for a Neshomo to see what he lest behind, a son who is capable of leading a town as Kfar Chabad …

    Ve’hachai Yetain es Leboi >>> simply put

    yes the most appropriate place and time is right after the Lavaya

  • 15. My thoughts wrote:

    I think the greatest honor that can be done to a father is to have his son appointed as his worthy successor.

  • 16. 4heAd wrote:

    Why no election? Do the residents have no say in their Rav? Is the Rabanus dynastic like malchus?
    Highly disturbing.

    • 17. Ezra wrote:

      And this is why he is a rov and you are not… because you find an explicit halachah “highly disturbing” and don’t bother to look it up.

      Rambam, Hil. Melachim 1:7:

      “Not only the monarchy, but all other positions of authority and appointments in Israel, are transferred to one’s children and grandchildren as inheritances forever.

      “The above applies if the knowledge and the fear of God of the son is equivalent to that of his ancestors.”

  • 18. Shliach wrote:

    Friends, machloikes kills r”l. We, the Rebbe’s kinder, are super sensitive.
    Moshiach NOW

  • 19. morris wrote:

    I was at Rav Yakov Landau’s levaya in Bnei Brak, I think it was 1988. They actually called for his son Moshe to replace him right during the speeches. Perhaps a liitle bit of a preemtive move.

  • 20. Non Crown Heightser wrote:

    It is interesting reading the various vitriolic comments, but I think number 10 has a point. The travel of events in CH over the past few years concerning the appointment of a Rov is so unfortunate especially when there are so many teenagers off the derech. Can you imagine how CH would look (not perfect) if there were three rabbonim united. That the three rabbonim would accept all residents of the schuna without political bias. Rabbi Ashkenazi was a real presence in Kfar Chabad and gained much respect all over Eretz Yisroel. We trust that the apple does not fall far from the tree and that his son will take over in the same spirit. Concerning the question of the appointment, for those who recognize the importance of having a Rov of a Schunah, it is axiomatic that it is doicheh the shiva, just like certain other life cycle events are doicheh the shiva like a chasunah or a bris.

  • 21. The space around 770 is for Moshiach Palace wrote:

    Rav Ashkenazi A”H, had been involved to build Moshiach Palace, as per Zushe Rivkin’s request to the Rebbe was granted. The Rebbe wants the Palace. There is recorded Rav Ashkenazi and all of Kfar Chabad making a groundbreaking ceremony and foundation stone laying near the 770. The Rebbe gave mashke for the ceremony and dollars for it. The plan has been in the works for over 20 years and we are hoping for it’s completion soon.

  • 22. to 12 wrote:

    The fact that the last CH rabbi doesn’t have semicheh, doesnt make it as a minhag chabad, it’s most probably a minhag Ungaren.
    all Rabonei Chabad I know have semicheh.

  • 23. Menachem shmoy wrote:

    Instead of giving words of tanchumin to the mishpochoh of the late Horav Hagaon Hachossid and moroh de’asroh of kfar chabad and words of encouragement to the worthy memaleh mekoimoi, people post such hateful and negative comments.
    How shameful, sad and disappointing it is!

  • 24. chosid wrote:

    Im not a lubavitcher..In every chasidishe circle they appoint a new ruv,rebe by the levaya and they even scream mazel tov….


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