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Weekly Story: If the Rebbe Said So, It Is So

While Reb Simcha was walking, he suddenly turned around and went back into Rabbi Klein’s office. “Reb Binyomin, if you had not submitted the letter to the Rebbe, can I have it back. I have to write something else,” he said.

First Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Josh Gordon to Be Marked

This Sunday evening, the Los Angeles community will come together to mark the first  Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Gordon z”l.  Thousands of people are impacted on a daily basis by the programs and reach of Chabad of the Valley, the organization Rabbi Gordon built for over 40 years. Rabbi Gordon, along with his associate Rabbi Mordechai Einbinder, inspired an explosion of Jewish observance and activity in the greater San Fernando Valley, establishing 26 Chabad Houses in an area with a diverse Jewish population of more than 250,000.

Weekly Letter: Highlights on Mishpatim

This week, we present an article about Parshas Mishpatim from the Talks and Tales children’s monthly magazine, which Rabbi Nissan Mindel authored for close to 47 years, every single issue of which the Rebbe carefully checked before the magazine went to print each month.

New Orleans Chabad Hosts Shabbos for 1100 Students

At a school where 27 percent of the student body is Jewish, Shabbat is no minor venue. Yet, despite the hundreds of students who show up to weekly dinners, Rabbi Leibel Lipskier decided to raise the bar: Shabbat 1000, a Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center-sponsored event, was held on Feb. 10 on the Newcomb Quadrangle. More than 1100 students were present.