BDE: Two Have Died in Serious Accident Near Monsey

A serious accident in New Hampstead near New Square had emergency crews scrambling his afternoon with seven people trapped in a van. Hatzoloh and Spring Hill EMS responded as well, reporting ten patients in total from the crash, with three of them unconscious. Two later were prounounced deceased in the hospital.

Picture of the Day

Many say that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. It’s true, and these firefighters made a good decision and stopped for a snack on Kingston Ave by a store that has always had an open door for first responders.

Kinus HaMechanchim Conference to be Held on ZOOM

The annual Kinus HaMechanchim will be held at the beginning of August (closer to schools opening) by ZOOM. The current situation precludes an in-person gathering so the Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, Dir. Merkos Chinuch Office, announced that it will do what schools have been doing since March.

Video of the Day

We are taught to always see the best in others, and find the positive in each person, so here goes. At least these package thieves who stole from a Crown Heights home were embarrassed enough to try and hide the fact that they were stealing. Still, no excuse.