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A Poem For KSCVK, and A $100K Fundraiser

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Sivan is here

The season is near

For the weddings of many

Jewish boys and girls

While Corona changed the world

Weddings must go on

Each couple should build a Bayis ne’man

Once again and without hesitation

KSCVK must stand ready to help our nation

Though weddings will be smaller and all with a mask

To deliver a helping hand is the KSCVK task

So please hearken to the call

And give with your all

Helping a chossen and kallah marry

Is something special

So please do not tarry!

Thank you in advance for your kind attention

May you be blessed with good health and heavenly protection

And think that your mitzvah could bring the redemption!


If Devora asks…YOU SAY YES!

Let’s raise $100K for KSCVK and help 30 young couples SAY YES to the wedding of their dreams!

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