KSCVK at 50%, But Where Are You?

A Crown Heights resident donated to KSCVK’s $100K fundraiser to help 30 couples get marries. They are at 50%, but where are you? Have you donated?

Where are you? The Chosson and Kallah are waiting!

Sivan is wedding season and KSCVK is helping many couples getting married. people haven’t worked for three months and Devorah is trying to help many many families make weddings. collecting on the sidewalk is very slow and direct solicitation is difficult and the weddings must go forward. KSCVK is in the middle of a charidy campaign and the response is very quiet. Maybe people haven’t heard…maybe whatever, but Devorah has always been there for everyone who needs her. Please give right now. If she ever helped you.. or your friend… or your relative.. give something now. If you want to be a partner in a new Jewish couple give something now. If you want Simcha and Brocho in your life give something now. The Choosson and Kalloh are waiting.

The Rebbe says today is a very special day when Mordechai annulled the decree of Haman. Let’s annul sadness with Simcha!!

All of the money from this campaign is going directly to KSCVK

Donate Here!