Music Video: Refaeinu Hashem

Ariel Zilber is a musician, singer, and a composer. He is one of the founding members of the Tammuz band, which is one of the pioneers in Groove and Israeli Rock, and has its name on a long list of hits that in a short amount of time turned into classics in the Israeli population.

Video: Miracles and Fate on Floor 78

On September 11th, 2001, Ari Schonbrun went to his office at Cantor Fitzgerald – the Wall Street firm that occupied the top five floors of Tower One – and he happened to be on the 78th floor changing elevators when the first plane hit. In the midst of the smoke and chaos, Ari found a fellow employee who was terribly burned and who needed his help to walk her down 78 flights of stairs.

Op-Ed: Only One Candidate Will Serve Our Community

Col. Jacob Goldstein, who served for 34 years as Chairman for the Crown Heights Community Board, explains why he believes community members should support Ede Fox in tomorrow’s Democratic primary for City Council, and not Laurie Cumbo.

The Real Story: How the Shluchim in St. Martin Were Rescued has learned that a story we published yesterday about the family of Shluchim on the Caribbean island of St. Martin being rescued on Shabbos was factually incorrect. In fact, the Shluchim evacuated to Puerto Rico by the U.S. Military on Friday, having arrived before Shabbos began.

Pol Who Slandered ‘Jewish Landlords’ Now Accused of Pandering to Them

With the Democratic Primary Elections set to take place Tuesday, September 12th, Laurie Cumbo — who represents Crown Heights’ 35th District and began her career by blaming “Jewish landlords” for the unprovoked attacks of the “knockout game” — snagged an endorsement from a self-proclaimed “Crown Heights Jewish Coalition,” which touts her supposed qualifications and alleged assistance to the Jewish community.

Relief Fund Launched for Irma Victims

Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, in conjunction with the Shluchim of Florida, has launched an emergency campaign for the victims of Hurricane Irma. The hurricane left a path of destruction in the Caribbean and is now doing the same in Florida.

Paris Jewish Family Tied Up, Beaten in Targeted Robbery

Three members of a prominent French Jewish family were kidnapped, tied up, brutally beaten and robbed on Thursday night in their home in the suburb of Livry-Gargan northeast of Paris. “You are Jewish, you have money,” the assailants said before brutally attacking them, threatening to kill them.