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New Yeshiva Aims to Fill Shlichus-Shidduch Gap

Many Lubavitcher bochurim find themselves in a year-long gap between their return from ‘Yeshiva Shlichus’ until they begin dating, during which they are without a structured learning environment, undermining the many years they dedicated to learning and spiritual growth. A new Yeshiva in Manhattan aims to solve this problem once and for all.

Affordable Jewish High School? Milwaukee School Proves It’s Possible

When Jody and Steve Stein’s son Aaron approached the end of eighth grade at his local Jewish day school, they began to research Jewish high schools. Living in Chandler, Ariz., they were within driving distance of two Jewish elementary schools, but no mainstream Jewish high school that caters to students wishing to remain on course to enter college four years later.

Phone Mugger Targets Women

Last night, a mugger accosted two Crown Heights women – in two separate incidents – in a bid to steal their phones. His first attempt was not successful, but his second was.

First Kosher Kitchen an Entranceway to a More Spiritual Life

Calev (Eric) Taylor, 39, and Malkah Esther (Michelle) Glass, 32, remember when Rabbi Uri Gelman showed up at the front door toting a blow torch, giant tongs, a large metal pot and industrial-strength gloves. He boiled their kitchenware, ironed their counters and advised them on how to make sure everything was just as it should be. He was there to make their kitchen kosher.