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Shluchim in France Distribute Yarmulkes

Rabbi Levi Matusof, Chabad Shliach in Paris, dismissed a call by the leader of Marseilles’s Jewish community for Jews in the city to stop wearing yarmulkes to avoid being the victim of anti-Semitic attacks.

From Arutz Sheva:

Rabbi Matusof told Arutz Sheva that Chabad rabbis across the country would distribute kippot Wednesday evening on the streets of France.

“We heard the Rabbi of Paris call on (sports) fans to wear kippot during games and the Rabbi of Strasbourg will distribute kippot,” Matusof said. “We feel the kippah protects us, it reminds us who is above us – God, who protects the people of Israel.”

“We will not give up one single detail from our Jewish life, not in France and not in Brussels,” he continued. “I spoke with several French politicians and they all support us and say we must not give up the kippah.”

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  • It's a very tough call

    True we need more light to dispel the darkness. But I personally would not feel safe being noticeably Jewish in Marseille. With lots of friends with family there, people are very much afraid.


      Sorry to say… but there is no safe place for Jews anywhere!!! Now it’s France….but haven’t you heard stories of anti-semitism everywhere??!!!!

      Let’s not cower! We must stand strong at this time… no matter what!!!

  • Schneur Z. Hoffman (Montreal)

    I remember a few years ago when the Chief Rabbi of France said the jews should wear ballcaps or regular hats in public. Here is what Chief Rabbi Yosef Sitruck said in 2013 in light of a string of attacks of antisemitism. “I request that Jewish youth refrain from wearing kippot (skullcaps) in public.”
    Lets not be naive. Lets not ignore why record numbers of French Jews are emigrating to Israel every year.

    • K

      Just a few weeks ago a couple of frum Jews were attacked in Midland, the heart of Flatbush, in Brooklyn. The attacks were strictly because they were visibly Jews.

      (Unfortunately there are many such examples of Jews being attacked simply because they are Jews).

      Should the Jews in Brooklyn also stop wearing kippot? Should Jews world-wide only wear baseball caps?

      Are Jews who wear yarmalkas in Brooklyn “naive”? There is no place safe in the world while we are in golus.

      The comment you wrote is silly and reflects badly on author.