New Yeshiva Aims to Fill Shlichus-Shidduch Gap

Many Lubavitcher bochurim find themselves in a year-long gap between their return from ‘Yeshiva Shlichus’ until they begin dating, during which they are without a structured learning environment, undermining the many years they dedicated to learning and spiritual growth. A new Yeshiva in Manhattan aims to solve this problem once and for all.

Rabbi Shmuel Plotkin – veteran Shliach and Rov of Berditchev – pondered this problem for many years: “What happens to their personal learning advancement and Chassidic character development – away from the warm environment where they were nurtured for 15/16 years? After all, this is usually the last year before the Shidduch cycle sets in,” he said.

Finally last year he came up with a solution: to create, in the New York metropolitan area, a full Yeshiva regimen combined with an active Shlichus program under an excellent Chassidishe Rosh Yeshiva and Mashpia- an opportunity to do a second year Shlichus in a quality setting.

This was the beginning of Yeshivas HaShluchim.

Following last Simchas Torah – for this new Zman – a thorough search for the right candidates produced eight qualified bochurim, and two modern two-bedroom apartments were rented – as dorm space – adjacent to Chabad of Gramercy Park on E. 20th St. in Manhattan. Rabbi Yosef Shmukler and Rabbi Dovber Dechter were hired to give the students Shiurim and supervision. The families of the Talmidim are not paying any tuition.

The Bochurim, with Rabbi Dechter, are part of the Shliach Rabbi Naftoli Rottenstreich’s 7:45 daily Minyan, and use his Chabad House for their learning, which includes Chassidus, Gemara, and Shulchan Aruch throughout the day. Towards evening, they go to help the various Shluchim in Manhattan and Brooklyn – learning with the Baalei Batim and speaking in their Shuls. As word has spread about the valuable resource in their midst, members of the community of all ages have come in the evenings to talk, farbreng, and learn with these Bochurim at the Chabad House where they are stationed.

What was created was a true, intense learning oasis, where quality time is utilized for a strong, continued learning experience, coupled with practical applications for future Shlichus skills and, simultaneously, studying for Smicha.

This past Chof Daled Teves, Rabbi Y.Y. Yeruslavsky was brought down to the Yeshiva to test their progress in Yoreh Deah. He was visibly impressed by what he saw first-hand.

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  • 745

    Go mendel trietel;) and mendel cietlin see u guys working hard keep up the good work

  • 745

    Go mendel trietel always thought would u make it to be the top in chabad
    And mendel cietlin 745 I miss u guys

  • Anonymous

    All 3 mendels are amazing…Chicago….Detroit….chulon….Tzfas.
    Only the best

  • GAP?!

    Very imaginative but really….?
    ” This past Chof Daled Teves, Rabbi Y.Y. Yeruslavsky was brought down to the Yeshiva to test their progress in Yoreh Deah. He was visibly impressed by what he saw first-hand.”

    It’s semicha program….not a “gap before shidduchim”.

  • To #2

    I actually think it’s a necessary program for bochurim of this age umimenu yir’u ichein ya’asu

    Mendel Trietel, gradeh is a gelasene bochur

  • Carlton

    Levi Steinmetz is the bochur you are looking for! Every family would be lucky to have him as chosson! He did such a good job with my children in Montreal last year, we owe him so much

  • Schneur Plotkin

    Thank you for being the driving force behind the yeshivah. Your support means everything!

  • naftali

    Gramercy park is very lucky to have such fine young men, their parents can be very proud. Manhattan has not been the same since (:

  • efsher a year of seriousness...

    Emmm, as if there a void between year of smicha and year of shiduchim with no good options- like this article suggests…
    What is wrong with good old Smicha vi s’darf tzu zayn, learning Chassidus boiker and Chassidus erev to help strengthen yourself before you takke get married, and take smicha seriously whether it be focused learning in 770, or more suggested- learning in a serious program like Morristown limushul- instead of just winging it?
    And the year after that, efshar consider an option like this to help you prepare for real life and responsibility, etc.
    My friends who did options like this regret not taking their smicha year seriously, while I and some of my other friends would never regret for a second having this bliss of a year learning bishkedah vhasmada, b”h.
    Now a few years later, I’m happy I took the mature (but less exciting)/option- learning in Morristown.

    • K

      No, in BMG the “going in freezer” means that the bochur is seriously learning with no distractions at all.

      There is never chas v’sholom a “gap” in a person’s learning.

      Is there ever a gap year in your shmiras hamitzvos?!

  • K

    Can someone let me know what is going on a chabad:

    Do bochurim “graduate” from learning after their shlichus year?

    Is the smicha a diploma that means they are done learning Torah?

    If this is true – UNBELIEVABLE!

    Does everyone else in the Torah world know this about chabad yeshivos?

    I asked around in BMG and no one heard of this and most refused to believe such a “system” exists.

    This is mind-boggling to me!