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Jews in Sports: Chabadnam-Style

by Yossi Goldstein

Since it was uprooted from Russia, Chabad has reinvented itself as a movement to move all others. Over the past 90+ years, since the first shliach was sent to another country to promote Judaism, there have been many ways and manners wherein shluchim have accomplished their task to bring Jews closer to Judaism every single day.

Wounded Shliach Back on His Feet

Chabad Shliach to the Russian region of Dagestan Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, who was shot and critically wounded last week by a Muslim terrorist and flown to Israel for medical care, has stood up and is walking around without assistance.

A Tribute to My Namesake

by Yochanan Gordon

Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul will mark the 44th anniversary of the passing of my great-grandfather, Hachassid HaTamim Reb Yochanan ben Reb Yisrael Gordon, zt’l. For the longest time, this date has come and passed rather unceremoniously on my end, without memorializing him. It struck me rather odd that this idea has weighed so strongly on my mind of late, compelling me to write when so many years have gone by without as much as a word or even a thought.

Info to be Menachem Avel Rabbi Sholom Baras

Rabbi Sholom Baras will be sitting Shiva after the passing of his mother, Chana, OBM, at 437 Sterling Street, on Friday and Motzei Shabbos. Nichum Aveilim will begin on Friday at 12:00pm. Mincha will be at 5:00pm. Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch […]

No Jew in Oklahoma Left Behind


The “roving rabbis” are making their way through Oklahoma. Moshe Sasonkin, of Akron, Ohio, and Levi Misholovin, of West Bloomfield, Mich., are spending their summer vacation traveling the country to provide for the needs of Jewish people throughout remote areas or towns with small Jewish populations.