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Shomrim Track down Stolen Pocketbook

At about 1:15 in the afternoon, Shomrim received a call from a shopper at Hamefitz Judaica saying her pocketbook had suddenly disappeared.

Inside were credit cards, cash, her driver’s license, phone etc.

Shomrim called her phone number and someone picked up on the other end, but he could only speak in Spanish.

A member of Shomrim who speaks Spanish was called to the scene, and the man was contacted once more. He said he found her phone, cash and driver’s license in a garbage bin near his home in East Flatbush.

A couple of volunteers went to the address he gave and retrieved the items. However, the pocketbook with the credit cards inside was still missing.

The Hispanic fellow directed the Shomrim volunteers to the garbage bin where he had found the stolen items. Inside they found another (empty) wallet, a bottle of Farbrengen wine, and what appeared to be kosher food from a Simcha.

The volunteers continued to search the area, and about two blocks away they spotted the pocketbook on top of another garbage bin. The credit cards were all inside.

They thanked the Hispanic man for all his help and returned the pocketbook with all the missing items to the grateful owner.

A Shomrim spokesman told that the manager of Hamefitz will soon allow them to inspect the store’s security cameras, so they can try to figure out who stole the pocketbook and why he left the stolen items in two garbage bins.


  • 1. pqu wrote:

    you see how important the surveillance cameras are??? get someone to sponsor them so more people can have them, or have them subsidized as other people have mentioned.

    • 2. Surveillance Cameras are important wrote:

      And who you use for the installation and service is just as important.

      In trying to solve a recent crime, attempts were made to obtain surveillance footage from multiple sources. Most home and business owners were extremely helpful and cooperative. Most installers were also helpful.

      Unfortunately one installer was not at all helpful, and to this day ignores calls. He might be very busy, and that is understood and appreciated. But what good are the surveillance cameras he installs, if when push comes to shove he is not forthcoming in helping the community get the perpetrators arrested and stolen goods returned?

  • 3. Fresser Rebbe wrote:


    some crazy world we are living in, looks like the thieves got away with allot more then the womans pocket book, notice that Hamafits new big brown sign is missing as well

  • 4. my purse was also stolen on friday wrote:

    It was stolen on president street. I called the police and filed a report, but the whole process was pointless. Crown Heights is not safe.


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