Crown Heights Hospital Set to Close Doors

The Interfaith Medical Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, has sent layoff notices to its more than 1,500 employees.

The New York Times says the hospital asked a bankruptcy court on Tuesday to approve its closing, saying the state health department had rejected a restructuring plan and refused any financial aid until the shutdown begins.

The hospital serves an overwhelming low-income population in Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

A hearing on the closing is scheduled in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Aug. 15. Approval is expected.

The closing schedule calls for inpatient admissions to end Aug. 15, the emergency room to close Sept. 14, and for inpatient services to end the day after.

Meanwhile, plans are proceeding to close the financially strapped Long Island College Hospital in downtown Brooklyn.


  • 1. OBAMACARE!!! wrote:

    This is what is happening. Thanks to all the restrictions from Obamacare, the reality is, hospitals serving inner city/low income neighborhoods will close. Ironical, isn’t it? The people it was supposed to benefit are the ones who will suffer the most. Don’t forget…Congress (how many are millionnaires?) doesn’t have to abide by Obamacare. They get to opt out…for life.

    Good job, you guys. So who will sue first? Fat Al Sharpton or the ACLU?

  • 2. Michoel Seligson wrote:

    If this is the original Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, it is the hospital in which the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana was nifter in Tishrei 6 5724 (1964). at the time, the Rebbe accompanied his mother as known in the yumanim.

  • 5. Citizen Berel wrote:

    This is very sad. It just is. It’s a hospital. What’s closing. That serves a neighborhood of human beings (for the most part). This hostipal will not be replaced.

    Neither will the next one that closes. At that’s also 1500 more people what will need welfare.

    Just sad. This is not that man what is black and what is president’s fault. This is not a thing what happens in 5 years.

  • 8. Mendy Hecht wrote:

    As someone whose work keeps him constantly reading public health and policy news, I have learned a thing or two about modern medicine, so let me tell you what’s going on here: Medicaid, medicare and charity care.

    In plain English, one hospital after another–and this started well before Obama–is closing because of simple economics: the income from Medicaid and Medicare–or, in the case of charity care, when a hospital provides care to the uninsured who just walk in (as required by our liberal NY State law)–is not enough to cover the expenses of modern medicine (which keep on rising thanks to constantly improving medical technology).

    So: It costs, say, 2 dollars to treat patients–but Medicaid/Medicare only pay 1 dollar. Who covers the rest? Well, either private insurance members (which is one of the main reasons insurance costs keep rising), or… the hospitals, like this one, go belly-up.

  • 9. declasse' intelelctual wrote:

    #! the projected fees from Obama care will not only force hospitals to close but many doctors will reject
    Obama care because the money from the fees will not pay even to open the office.(So say my associates in the medical field–unofficially)

  • 10. Shame..... wrote:

    Thank you #8 for being realistic about what is going on here, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get a life!!! The hospitals in Canada and England are thriving!!! America will thrive too, just give it a chance instead of just laying blame!

    • 11. england wrote:

      Hospitals in England are NOT thriving. There is often months and months of waiting time to get scheduled for some procedures and surgeries. Many people buy insurance and go to wha’ts called “private” Dr’s to get the care they need. Know the facts b4 commenting.

  • 14. Not too smart wrote:

    To #18 – So I guess the hospital heard Moshiach was coming so they are closing up…


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