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MyShliach Hosts Volunteer Appreciation Evening

Representing the parents of yaldei hashluchim around the globe, Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky, shliach to Glastonbury, Connecticut, addressed bochurim at MyShliach’s annual evening of appreciation on Monday, 25 Sivan. Volunteering their time each week to learn and farbreng one-on-one over the phone with a young shliach, these bochurim serve as mentors to these boys, who lack local Chassidishe friends and chavrusas.

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Stranger Offered Tefillin, and Family Is Transformed

Rachel Millstone, a congregant at Chabad of East County in San Diego, CA, relates how an unexpected mitzvah performed by her father on a college campus in the mid 1970s transformed their entire family for generations.

New Torah Dedicated to Jewish Soldiers of D-Day

The waves crashing into the spectacular beaches of Normandy do not reveal the historic battles that took place there, 73 years ago, during the “D-Day” invasion of Nazi-occupied France. It was in this setting that a Siyum Sefer Torah was held for the Chabad Center of Caen, with hundreds of local Jewish residents emotionally singing “Ani Maamin” inside a German Army bunker, their thoughts on the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to end WWII and the Holocaust.

German Minister and Shliach Discuss Radicalism

German Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel led Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, Rabbi of the Jewish community of Berlin and the local Chabad Shliach, on a special tour of his birthplace in Goslar, Germany last Friday. On the tour, the dignitaries visited several sites in the town of Jewish interest, most notably the ancient Jewish cemetery where they recited a chapter of Psalms.

Stained Glass Windows Shine Light on Mitzvah Campaign

It was a hot August morning in Mequon, Wisconsin, when Rabbi Dovid Rapoport completed the Shacharit services in the Peltz Center for Jewish Life’s Chamoy Family Sanctuary and gently closed his siddur. “I don’t mind leading services,” the senior Chabad emissary joked, shielding his eyes against the sunlight streaming across the synagogue, “but some stained glass windows would sure be nice.”

At Wesleyan University, Jewish Life Sees Progress

In 2014, the Connecticut Jewish Ledger listed Rabbi Levi and Chanie Schectman on their annual “Movers and Shakers” list. For those who knew them, this didn’t come as a surprise; since the couple had opened Chabad at Wesleyan in 2011, they had had an increasing impact on Jewish students at Wesleyan University, hosting a variety of programs for the university’s 600 Jewish students from their modest home.

104-Year-Old’s Unexpected Final Mitzvah

Jacob Chartoff was born and raised in Boston. As a young man, he attended Harvard University enrolled in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, graduating with a degree in English literature. He chuckled when recalling that annual tuition back then was a whopping $500.