Shluchim Raffle Winner Announced

The Shluchim Raffle, drawn on Tuesday January 8th, Beis Shvat, announced its winner. The Raffle, done twice a year, helps shluchim raise money from their constituents, while giving the donors a chance of winning $10,000.


The winner of the $10,000 Shluchim Raffle drawn on Tuesday January 8th, Beis Shvat, was named as Paul Bardach of New Jersey.

The Shluchim Raffle, run by Rabbi Avi Rubenfeld of Chabad of Chestserfield, helps shluchim fund raise by allowing them to join a raffle with large winnings.

The raffle works to help shluchim by lowering cost of entry, thereby raising how much each shliach bring home. Each shliach puts in a flat fee, which allows them to keep any additional money raised from the sale of tickets.

The raffle website,, also helps participating shluchim with marketing and coaching techniques to maximize the raffles worth.


  • 1. Beis Rivka wrote:

    Is this the same raffle beis rivkas had yesterday – the grand prize by them is the same winner here -= sorry something doesnt smell right

  • 2. a little strange wrote:

    this is a joint raffle
    why is bais rivkah board not being straight?

  • 3. Double luck wrote:

    Did same person win 2 raffles ?
    Saw his name as Beth Rivka raffle winner
    Something is up

  • 4. Bais Rivka staff also shluchim wrote:

    We all know that persons in chinuch are also shluchim and this time bais rivka (shluchim) joined the raffle..
    mystery solved.
    it’s one and the same raffle…
    No need to suspect anything ..

  • 5. Rivkah wrote:

    Not so fast.

    When selling a raffle we should be told that this is a shared lottery.

    Chances of winning in this type of contest are way smaller then if it had been a private Beis Rivkah campaign.

    As usual just the board being what the board.


    where is the transparency that the rant about. Anything they do and anything they did is fake! So far nothing good has come from them. Teachers are behind 4 payrolls and staff 5 payrolls. When will everyone wake up!
    we are in BIG TROUBLE!


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