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Eber’s Tishrei Wine Sale

Eber’s Annual Tishrei Wine & Liquor Sale is Back!

The In-Store, Cash & Carry Sale puts prices from 15% to 50% off your favorite wines and choice liquors.

All sale items are by the case unless stated otherwise. While Supplies Last.

To See The Full List of Sale Items: Click Here

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New Jersey Man Convicted Of Receiving Military-Type Training From Hizballah, Marriage Fraud, And Making False Statements

Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that ALEXEI SAAB, a/k/a “Ali Hassan Saab,” a/k/a “Alex Saab,” a/k/a “Rachid,” was convicted today of receiving military-type training from a designated foreign terrorist organization, Hizballah, marriage fraud conspiracy, and making false statements, following a two-week trial before the Honorable Paul G. Gardephe. 

BESHT: One witness is believed for prohibitions

This Shabbos at the BESHT: Rabbi Dovid Leib Grossbaum was sent on bochurim shlichus to Miami Beach Yeshiva Gedola in years 1974-1976. He later went on Shlichus as a kollel yungerman to be part of new Kollel in Melbourne Australia in 1979. He was also a Meishiv in Smicha program in Melbourne Smicha in years 1997-2007 and most recently a Meishiv Yoreh Deah in 770 for 5 years 2012-2017.

Video of the Day

On Friday, the teens explored the Jewish history of Budapest. Rabbi Shlomo Kovesh of Chabad Budapest, Rabbi Tzemmy and Sophie Bassman of CTeen Budapest, and Rabbi Shimon Rivkin of CTeen International at Merkos 302, led the group as they visited historical Shuls and important locations, bringing energy and life, singing and dancing everywhere they went.

Weekly Story: A Singular Interaction

Recently I read about someone who was on a plane having a hard time breathing. Luckily for her, there was another passenger who although was not a medic, was quite knowledgeable in first aid, and with a straw was able to reopen her breathing tube. The question is, what can we learn from this?