New Magid Shiur in Oholei Torah Zal Shiurim Alef-Beis

With the success of shiurim Alef and Beis of Oholei Torah Zal b”H, Rabbi Shmuel Klein will be joining the staff to cater to the 70 plus talmidim this upcoming shnas halimudim. Rabbi Klein will be magid shiur Iyun for Shiur Beis.

Rabbi Klein has been running the highly acclaimed girsa program for shiurim Alef and Beis during the past two years. As well as guiding the talmidim in their weekly pilpulim. He will continue these projects in addition to his new role.

Rabbi Klein will be joining the esteemed staff of shiurim Alef-Beis, Magidei Shiurim Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Bluming, Rabbi Lipman Heller and Rabbi Meir Rodal. Mashpiyim Rabbi Fitche Pevzner, Rabbi Levi Matasov and Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum. Mashgiach Rabbi Yosef Rubashkin and Menahel Rabbi Nison Deitsch.

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