Chamah Distributes $180,000 in Food Coupons for Succos

To enable 1,000 families in our shchunah to celebrate yom tovb’simchah, Chamah distributed $180,000 worth of coupons to those in need to buy meat, chicken, fish and other items at cost price at the the virtual co-op store at a value of $360,000. Please enable Chamah to continue helping those in need, donate to it’s Charidy campaign.

Picture of the Day

The “law enforcers” of the mayor’s plan to fine New York City residents without face masks have arrived in Crown Heights. According to witnesses, with a pair clad in green was spotted hunting the maskless in The Marketplace this evening.

Video of the Day

It’s one thing to hear about a miracle in the past, and another to see one taking place right in front of you. Watch as JNet founder Rabbi Yudi Dukes joins the Motzei Yom Kippur spirit from rehab with the Niggun Napoleons March. Despite having come off a ventilator just weeks ago, Dukes was standing, decked out in a Kittel and Tallis.