Chamah Distributes $180,000 in Food Coupons for Succos

To enable 1,000 families in our shchunah to celebrate yom tovb’simchah, Chamah distributed $180,000 worth of coupons to those in need to buy meat, chicken, fish and other items at cost price at the the virtual co-op store at a value of $360,000.

In addition, Chamah subsidies enabled all Crown Heights teachers to shop at cost price at the virtual co-op store.

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In fifteen massive food distribution before Rosh Hashanah, Chamah reached a new milestone: 1,000,000 lbs. of food distributed since the onset of the pandemic. The content of the packages varied, but always contained generous amounts of fresh produce and grocery items and/or included meat, chicken and fish.

Chamah had been distributing food prior to the yomim tovim for some time, but as the pandemic continued to devastate the parnasah of so many, Chamah became aware of a very sobering fact: right here in our very own shchunah there were hundreds,if not thousands, who were struggling to put food on their tables. And as the weeks turned into months, those who lost their jobs fell further and further behind. With each food distribution, thelines just kept getting longer.

Chamah is deeply grateful to several generous donors from Anash who have lent their support to this great mitzvah.

We are confident that Hakadosh Baruch Hu accepted our heartfelt t’filos, and as we approach z’man simchaseinu, webeseech the Eibesher that the simcha of yom tov permeate our entire year.

And above all, may we be zoche to bias Moshiach TzidkeinuNow!

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