Crown Heights Yeshivos Launch Device Buyback Program

When schools closed before Pesach, yeshivos asked that parents get electronic devices so that their children wold be able to continue the school year online, now they are asking that parents remove these devices from their homes, and the schools will be happy to help.

Picture of the Day

Crown Heights Shomrim Coordinator Gadi Hershkop has lived and breathed Chessed for the Crown Heights Jewish Community for 29 years. But his heart goes beyond just his community, and he was caught on camera giving a member of Crown Heights’s 71st NYPD Precinct a boost for his police vehicle.

New Principal To Join Bais Rivkah Leadership

Bais Rivkah elementary school has announced the appointment of a new principal to its leadership for the upcoming academic year. Morah Shterna S. Avtzon, a third grade Morah for many years, will work alongside Mrs. D. Brawer, working closely with the teachers, students and parents as well as overseeing the schools curriculum.