Crown Heights Yeshivos Launch Device Buyback Program


As schools wind down their academic year online, everyone plans on having the children of the community back at their desks this September.

When schools closed before Pesach, yeshivos asked that parents get electronic devices so that their children wold be able to continue the school year online, now they are asking that parents remove these devices from their homes, and the schools will be happy to help.

“Three months ago, we made a request that we never thought we would have to make. We asked you to buy devices for your children,” the schools wrote in a letter to parents. “B”H we are now ready to zoom out! We strongly believe that our talmidim must now detox from all use of technology and be away from the screen even for what one may consider a “kosher and healthy” use of technology.”

The schools initiated a buyback program, incentivizing parents to hand the devices over for $40 a device, as well as a treat for their child.

“Please take advantage of this offer and view any additional money that you spent on the device as a rental fee.”

The buyback program will take place this week, with each school arranging for their own.

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