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New Girls’ Camp Opening This Year In The Pocono Mountains

With the decrease of options for children’s summer recreation, a new camp is opening up to fill the need for our daughters to have an overnight camp experience this summer.

Mrs. Sheina Oster and Malka Aisenbach, both with many years of camp experience, will be directing Camp Gan Yisroel United in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania.

The camp will be geared towards girls grades 5-10 from the United States who have been affected by the chaos and upheaval of the Coronavirus pandemic. It will provide respite and an island of positive energy and fun for the children who have been unable to attend school and experience structural stability. CGI United is committed to giving a warm, Chassidishe atmosphere, in line with the Rebbe’s clear Horaos on the importance of camp for children.

The camp is endorsed by various veteran mechanchos who make up the team of advisors behind CGI United.

The camp will have 3 simultaneous programs:

CGI Girls: Grades 5-7
CGI Teens: Grades 8-9
Waitress program: 10th grade

Each program will have its own schedule and head staff.

Counselors for CGI Girls will be accepted from 11th and 12th grade.

CGI United has obtained beautiful campgrounds to host the important summer program. With multiple fields, various sports courts, a lake, state-of-the-art cabins, and on-site activities, the campgrounds will be a welcoming and comfortable host to our girls this summer.

A special thank you is extended to Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Dinie Gurary, directors of Camp Pardas Chana, for their guidance and the transfer of majority of their staff to CGI United.

Registration will be opening shortly at

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