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Eber’s Tishrei Wine Sale

Eber’s Annual Tishrei Wine & Liquor Sale is Back!

The In-Store, Cash & Carry Sale puts prices from 15% to 50% off your favorite wines and choice liquors.

All sale items are by the case unless stated otherwise. While Supplies Last.

To See The Full List of Sale Items: Click Here

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Weekly Letter: Tragedies In Our History

In connection with the challenging times we are experiencing now, we share a letter of the Rebbe in answer to someone questioning the tragedy of the Holocaust. The Rebbe refers to other great tragedies in our history : our enslavement in Egypt, the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash by Nevuchadnetzar and the crusades. And emphasizes with an encouraging message – that despite the terrible nature of the catastrophes – the Jews did not weaken their faith in G-d nor their commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

Obituary: Rabbi Yisroel Friedman, 84, Talmudic Genius and Fiery Chassid

Famed worldwide as a giant of Torah learning whose prowess as a Talmudist was matched by the depth with which he studied and applied the teachings of Chabad, Rabbi Yisroel Friedman was not only filled with Torah knowledge, but also with love for the Torah and with unbounded dedication to G‑d, the giver of the Torah. He passed away April 1 at the age of 84, after contracting the coronavirus.