30 Years Ago Today: A Special Chanukah in DC

Thirty years ago, on December 22, 1986 – 20 Kislev, 5747, President Ronald Reagan received a delegation of Chabad Rabbis in the Oval Office in honor of Chanukah. Led by Rabbi Avraham Shemtov of American Friends of Lubavitch, the Shluchim from across the United States presented the President with a special Menorah.

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Weekly Letter: The Weak Vs. the Mighty

We present a letter from the Rebbe with a timely message for this week, which spans Yud Tes Kislev and Chanukah (as it was at the time of the letter), connecting the two with the theme of not being discouraged when the “weak and the few” are confronted by the “mighty and the powerful.” And a fascinating insight in the P.S. part of the letter: using the English language to maximize the spreading of the light to the furthest reaches in the darkness, another theme of Chanukah. The letter, written originally in English, is from the archives of the Rebbe’s personal trusted secretary, Rabbi Nissan Mindel.

Video: New York’s Best Doughnut

There’s a bajillion different types of doughnuts out there, and so many places to buy it from, so to help you out with your doughnut shopping this Chanukah, filmmaker Meir Kalmenson ventured off with the Kosher Guru to discover the best Doughnut in New York City.

Please Say Tehillim for Mrs. Shulamis Pape

Rebbetzin Shulamis Pape, a beloved educator and Mashpia in Crown Heights, has suffered a stroke and is currently being treated in the ICU. Please say Tehillim for Solika Shulamis bas Izza Aliza for a speedy and complete recovery.

Here’s My Story: The Miracle of Empathy

Mr. Charles Samuel Ramat is presently co-chairman of Neurotrop BioScience, a biotech firm trying to develop drugs to save the lives of terminally ill children and Alzheimer’s patients. He was interviewed by JEM’s My Encounter with the Rebbe project at Chabad of the Upper West Side in April of 2016.