Chayolei Tzivos Hashem Marks 10 Years in UK

From 5767 to 5777 – Tzivos Hashem UK, under the direction of  Rabbi Yossi Simon, has been running the Chayolei Tzivos Hashem program for 10 years.

This program was originally created in New York by Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum.

The boys meet every Motzoei Shabbos, and are empowered to ensure the program’s success by taking upon themselves responsibilities such as saying the Hayom Yom, preparing and giving over a story, game master, baal menagen, mivtzoyim coordinator and more.

In addition, there are Kashrus, Tefillin Tying and Tzitzits Making Workshops, and the two weeks leading up to Chanukah, the boys built wooden menorahs, which they can then use.

Now for Chanukah, the boys are busy organizing mivtzoyim. They have built a 6-foot menorah to go outside a storefront, made a raffle to raise funds for Chanukah mivtzoyim and Arranged to visit senior homes.

Following Chanukah, as a lead up to Yud Shevat, they will have Chassidus before Davening and learn the maamer Bossi Legani.

The program runs through Adar and then concludes with a Shabbaton and Trip.

A special thank you to the madrichim who help with the success of the program: Avi Eskenazi and Tzviki & Eli Simon.

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