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Music Video: Ha’am Sheli

Chasidic rock star Lazer Lloyd’s new single, “Ha’am Sheli” (My People), has gone viral. Early in October, Lloyd released the song on YouTube as part of the Jewish Unity Music Project, which he created to spread awareness of the conflicts within different groups in Judaism. The music video now has more than half a million views, and the number is increasing.

Jewish Moms Share Secrets in New Facebook Group

“I never fold my kids clean laundry. Just dump them all in their drawers.” “My five year old was very excited to show me the drawing she had made in school. It was of me lying in bed, looking miserable, with a basin at my side. I’m three months pregnant. Not sure what her teacher thinks.” “I think I just sent my daughter to school in her brother’s shirt.”

by Bruria Efune

Chabad: The Missing Link

Welcome to the Global Jewish Shuk: a marketplace of dialogue and debate! The Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly is simply a whirlwind of just that: discussion, debate, dialogue, ideas (big & small) and a full on who’s-who of the “organized” Jewish world.

by Levi Margolin - Times of Israel