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Tahor Creator Responds to Questions About App

Following the announcement of the launch of a new App – called Tohar – to assist women with Bedikah Inquiries, fierce debate over the Kashrus of such an App ensued, while others hailed it as being long overdue. Zisa Levin, one of the apps creators, has authored a response to questions about the App.

Chabad Rabbi: New Bedikah App Should Be Shut Down

In response to CrownHeights.info’s report today of the release of a new iPhone app for Bedikah Shaalos, Tahor, Rabbi Sholom Dovber Shuchat, a member of Agudas Horabbonim of the U.S. and of the Crown Heights Chabad community, released a statement that in his opinion the app should not be used, and that its creators should shut it down because it will lead to more harm than good.

Rabbi Apologizes for Pope Meeting; Protests Summary Dismissal

Following the uproar over a meeting between a group of Jewish activists – including a Chabad Rabbi – and the pope, Rabbi Dovber Pinson has issued a ‘Letter of Explanation and Apology’ to the community. In response to his dismissal from Shlichus, Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch issued a letter calling the meeting ‘contrary to the instructions of the Rebbe,’ and referred his request for a Din Torah to his former employers – Merkos and Tzach.

Thursday: Challah Bake for Crown Heights Women

This Thursday evening, May 11th,  a challah bake event will be held in Lubavitcher Yeshiva as a means to intensify and expand the Torah-true feminine activity of “separating the challah.”  Women and girls who may know the “how” but not the “why,”  or have not yet experienced baking challah, are invited for an evening of inspiration, to be hosted by the Nshei Chabad Mivztoim committee under the capable guidance of Gitty Rappoport.

Blue Moon Brewery Goes Kosher

Blue Moon Brewing Company, an award-winning craft beer company, announced today that its newest brewery in the River North (RiNo) neighborhood in Denver has been certified as OU Kosher from the Orthodox Union, one of the foremost authorities in kosher certification.

Community Unites to Support Batashavili Orphans

Little Mendy was standing by the door. Behind him a long, gleaming corridor. Only a wheezing interrupted the silence. For years he has lived knowing that his ‘abba is not feeling well’. He still remembers the ‘beautiful times’- he calls it, the times when his Father came back home every day from his hard work as a shochet, tired but happy, giving his warm and loving hugs to his children.