Video: If You Are Perfect, This Video Is Not for You

Pesach Sheini is a day that receives very little attention in the wider Jewish community, but it deserves more. It is the day that the calendar was changed to accommodate those of us who are not perfect. Rabbi Yisroel Glick lays down the lesson from Pesach Sheini in this clear, concise, and engaging video that’s less than 2 minutes long.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    IMHO the correct year is (not 1313 BCE. rather) 1311 BCE – a year after Matan Torah (which was in 1312 BCE). Thank you for a beautiful presentation!

  • 2. Brilliant wrote:

    Your vids are truly amazing. You are a brilliant fellow!!! May you go from strength to strength!!! Hatzlacha rabba umuflaga!!!!


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