Weekly JLI Video: Never Too Late

JLI presents its unique one-minute video featuring a powerful and relevant message from the weekly Parsha or a special day in the calendar. This week’s video for Pesach Sheni is titled: Never Too Late.


  • 2. Seriously!? wrote:

    Number 1!
    Is that all you could find to say?
    Like, seriously? You watch a video thats been put together with such care and attention to encourage and teach us in our daily regular lives, and instead of appreciation and recognition, you post negativity only!
    Thank you JLI for your beautiful inspiring videos; theyre so much appreciated by us all!:)
    Please keep them coming . . .

  • 3. Music in background wrote:

    I asked and was told that the producers asked Chabad Rabbonim beforehand and were told that background music like this is permitted during sefira.


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