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Weekly Letter: Clarity to the Policy That Needs to be Implemented

During these volatile times of rocket attacks by terrorists on Israel, the Rebbe’s powerful letter brings clarity to the policy that needs to be implemented. The Rebbe cites the dire consequences of returning liberated lands, surrendering the Sinai oil fields and the government’s meek policy regarding terrorist attacks.

Picture of the Day

The NCPSA, the umbrella organization for accrediting agencies of the United States, re-elected Rabbi Nochem Kaplan director of the Merkos Chinuch office as chairman of the standing Standards and Review Committee. The appointment took place in Vail Colorado, where Rabbi Kaplan met with Rabbi Dovid Mintz Executive Director of Chabad Vail Colorado.

Theft Stopped Cold on Kingston Ave By Crown Heights Shomrim

A pair of not-so-subtle thieves were attempting to make the score of the day on Kingston Ave in Crown Heights after discovering a package of expensive iPhones accidentally left unsecured. Suffice it to say that Crown Heights Shomrim was called, and after pointing out that they had been caught literally in the act, they handed back over the phones.

URGENT: Auto Dealers Push to Get Rid of Your Auto Broker

Auto Dealers have been enjoying the higher prices brought about by the recent shortage of cars, and are aiming to keep those prices high for the future. By getting rid of your auto Broker, such as a leasing agent, they plan to create a monopoly allowing them to charge the consumer whatever they want.