NYPD’s Highest-Ranked Yarmulke-Wearing Officer Getting Promotion

NYPD Captain Richie Taylor, the Department’s highest-ranking yarmulke-wearing officer, is being promoted to Deputy Inspector, a source close to the Department told Hamodia Thursday.

Weekly Letter: How Do We Raise Our Children?

Our parsha teaches about the children of Yitzchak and Rivkah – brothers raised in the same home yet taking different paths in life. How do we raise our children? In answer to this question – the Rebbe gives clear guidelines for raising Jewish children.

JLI Collaborates To Create Chanukah Handbook

To infuse the light of Chanukah in Jewish homes across the English-speaking world, JLI has collaborated with shluchim to create a comprehensive 20-page, full-color Chanukah Handbook. The handbooks are custom-labeled for each shliach.