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RCCS Auction – Cancer is a Drive Thru

Dear friend,

As someone who feels deeply about the work of RCCS, I have decided to join the auction Drive Thru to assist with the incredible work they do in supporting patients struggling with the dreaded machla. Through their funding, they have helped bring thousands of mothers home to their children, fathers back to being there for their families, and little children back to the loving embrace of their parents.

This year, Covid put the brakes on much of our daily life. We couldn’t come and go as we were used to, and the daily routine came to a grinding halt. Sadly, while our regular lives came to a red light, and our community struggled with a new health challenge, cancer did not stop.

Please Donate Here!

Covid did not stop cancer, nor did it stop the work of RCCS either! We were still out on the road, providing relief and hope to cholei Yisroel, as they bravely worked to overcome the new difficulties and health issues brought on by the pandemic.

Cancer Moves Fast!

But together, we can move faster! I ask you to please show your support to this worthy cause and drive over to to make a lifesaving donation.

Thank you for opening your heart and getting behind the wheel to lift cholei Yisroel out of their darkness and help them drive away their suffering. #LetsGetMoving and change the cancer world, one life at a time.

Please Donate Here!

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