JLI Collaborates To Create Chanukah Handbook

To infuse the light of Chanukah in Jewish homes across the English-speaking world, JLI has collaborated with shluchim to create a comprehensive 20-page, full-color Chanukah Handbook.  The handbooks are custom-labeled for each shliach.

As many will choose to stay home from Chanukah celebrations this year or participate from afar with Zoom, shluchim wanted to deliver something to their community members with high impact that radiates the special light of the holiday.

“More than just a brochure, the handbook is a complete and comprehensive treatment of Chanukah from every angle,” explains a representative from JLI. Besides the usual Menorah lighting guide and recipes, the magazine-like publication includes a history lesson of Chanukah on a timeline graphic and direct quotes from the sources that tell the Chanukah story.  Pictorials highlight extraordinary historic Menorahs and landmark giant Menorahs to trace the many ways Jews have lit the Chanukah lights from days of old to contemporary times. Life lessons and vignettes from Chassidus on Chanukah, as well as interesting miscellaneous facts about the holiday are also featured.

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