Protest Updates For New York City

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of New York City since Saturday protesting the death of a Minneapolis man in the hands of the police. will be posting basic updates and critical information regarding the protest and any threats to the Crown Heights Jewish community.

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Terrorist Attack Foiled Near Ramallah

An attempted terrorist attack was foiled at the Hashmonaim Crossing on Wednesday evening. A terrorist tried to stab a security guard who was at the site and was neutralized by the security forces stationed at the crossing.

Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim Will Not Open This Summer

The most recent victim of coronavirus in the Chabad community is a summer camp, YK Yerushalayim. Sadly it was not be for the summer of 2020. Despite opening registration, the Yeshivas Kayitz was forced to keep it’s doors closed due to stringent guidelines set by the Israeli government.

Picture of the Day

A Chassidic family on the 7th floor of a Boro Park apartment building spent their extra time making a mega shout out to Hatzalah for their dedicated work 24/7, and especially during the time that the pandemic raged through the community. The sign reads “THUMBS UP TO HATZOLAH”

Rabbi Develops App to Focus Smartphone Use

Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries are legendary for wearing many hats at once. Embodying that image, Rabbi Yossi Marozov juggles roles that include director of Friendship Circle of Cleveland, congregational rabbi, personal mentor, fundraiser, Torah teacher and father of seven. Moreover, for the past two years, he’s also delved into inventing an app called PresentModeTM as a way to turn his phone into a tool to improve being present for everyone, including himself.

Video of the Day

It’s a grim view. A line of cars with their windows shattered, victims of the “peaceful protesters” venting their anger in New York City. The scary part is that they are all NYPD vehicles that had been parked outside of a precinct, and there will be no punishment for those who did it.