BDE: Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Assouline, OBM

With great sadness we report the passing of Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Assouline OBM, who served as gabbai in the Beth Chabad of Sarcelles, France, and a melamed in a local Chabad Cheder. He passed away on Wednesday, the 29th of Adar, 5780.

Chinuch Through Connection

Embedded with teachings of Chassidus, inspired by the tools of Conscious Discipline and intertwined with CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), join on Wednesday at 9:00pm to learn implementable tools that can enhance your parenting.

BDE: R’ Chaim Yehuda Hein, 77, OBM

With great sadness we report the passing of R’ Chaim Yehuda Hein OBM, a pioneer of the Morristown Anash community, and founder of Chabad activities in Mountain Lakes, NJ, in the 1970-80’s, as per The Rebbe’s instructions, passed away on Tuesday evening, 28 Adar 5780, after a lengthy illness. He was 77.