N’Shei Chabad Newsletter: Are You Jealous? Don’t Worry

The main reason you’ll love the Pesach N’shei Chabad Newsletter is that it’s not all about COVID-19. We promise!

Instead, you’ll get:
*”If I can’t have it, I don’t want her to have it either!” What to do if you find yourself feeling jealous.
*Why the Rebbe made Gimpel Oberlander, a nursing-home entrepreneur, up his pledge from $1,000 to $5,000 at a farbrengen.
*”We knew Mom had an assistant. His name was G-d,” as recalled by the funny and honest Tamar Stone.
*And don’t miss Lazer Raksin:

… my wife came along with me for the interview. Before the interview, they gave me a private road test to see how comfortable they are with my driving. Baruch Hashem, they were very happy with me and I went to the next step in the process, talking to the boss. We started talking about driving hours and they said they wanted me to start at 6:30 in the morning. My wife told them, “My husband will not start working unless he has davened with a minyan first.” They looked at her and said, “He could daven after the morning run.” My wife said, “Parnassah comes from Hashem. We daven with a minyan before we work and Hashem will provide parnassah.” I chimed in that the brachah of parnassah comes from the wife, so if my wife said it, that is where it stands. They looked at us in astonishment. They had never heard such words before. Usually it is the wife who pressures the husband to work and work harder and provide…

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