Chinuch Through Connection

The regular routine of activities has stopped.

An online zoom class, a call to a family member and any other creative keep working ideas are not front and center… it’s our children and families that are keeping our day busy!

Sure, caring for our family is not unique and managing our workload alongside them is what we are used to, however, it is within a familiar routine.

That routine has come to a grinding halt.

Now with your family at the forefront, take this opportunity to learn and discuss “Chinuch Thru Connection” educating and parenting our children through connection!

Embedded with teachings of Chassidus, inspired by the tools of Conscious Discipline and intertwined with CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), learn instantly implementable tools that can enhance your parenting all together and get you through this challenging time that has thrown everyone off!

Learn the proper formulas for empathy, composure, assertiveness, positive choices and so much more. When your little Mendel refuses to sit down in his proper seat for supper days before Pesach, or your Sara has a mouthful to say about her new form of school…. KNOW the tools to respond in a way that can enhance your connection and keep everyone in a healthy state of mind.

Wednesday- Chof tes Adar, March 25th 9 PM

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