WATCH LIVE: Tefillah Event From The Kosel, The Ohel, And Your Home

On Wednesday Erev Rosh Chodesh – the 25th of March – there will be a worldwide event for the Crown Heights Jewish community to join with thousands from around the world in a unique Tefillah event.

Live Tehillim from the Ohel and the Kosel will take plece with an inspiring Dvar Torah and an opportunity for participants to immediately give Tzedoka to a cause of their choice. The program will be hosted online at 6:00pm Jerusalem time and 12:00pm New York time.

The program will last 18 minutes and is suitable for everyone to watch and participate together from their laptops, IPads or Smartphones.

• Jerusalem – Tehillim Kapitel 20 and 23 – TBC
• Ohel – Tehillim Kapitel 118 and 150 – Rabbi Levi Garelick
• Dvar Torah: Rabbi Mendel Lipskar, Head Shaliach of South Africa

IY”H we can storm the heavens with the תפילות of עם ישראל from around the world and break through the barriers and difficulties that we are all confronting now, and אי”ה hasten the התגלות of משיח תיקף ומיד ממש .

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