Oholei Torah Ballroom Booking Goes Digital

Life has just gotten a little easier for parents of chassanim and kallahs who’d like to book Oholei Torah’s grand ballroom for their child’s wedding. With the launch of its new website, anyone trying to book the perfect date for their wedding or other event can now easily see all open availability, and reserve the dates they’d like.

Weekly Letter: Ensure That Our Place Of Residence Is Conducive to Torah Living

As Yaakov and his family are now moving to Mitzrayim, devoid of anything Jewish, Yehudah is sent to prepare the proper Torah environment for the family. This has been the Jewish custom ever since – to ensure that our place of residence should be conducive to Torah living. The Rebbe’s letter this week is in answer to one who is asking about accepting a position in a city where there is no organized orthodox community and the education of the children would be a challenge.

Video of the Day

I’m not sure if this guy is high on drugs, or has some spiritual reason he needed to so this, but breaking into a building just to steal a doormat seems a bit foolish. Of course this happened in Crown Heights.

Here’s My Story: Searching For A Motive

After leading congregations in Washington DC, Jersey City, New Jersey, and Norwich, Connecticut, Rabbi Sidney Shulman worked as a stock broker for over forty years. He was interviewed in December of 2019. The full text of the Rebbe’s letter to him can be found in Likkutei Sichot vol. 6 page 276.