Picture of the Day

In a disgusting slap in the face, a Chaverim volunteer in Williamsburg who rushed to help a person with flat tire, was targeted by a traffic agent and ticketed. The officer can be seen writing the ticket as the volunteer continues to do chesed, and help another person in need.

Man Arrested In Plot to Bomb Colorado Synagogue

A Colorado man has been arrested for plotting to blow up and poison a local synagogue.according to an affidavit filed Saturday in the US District Court in Colorado. Richard Holzer, 27, a white supremacist, planned to detonate bombs at the Temple Emanuel in Pueblo.

JEM: Seeing Off The Guests

In the early years, at the conclusion of Tishrei, the Rebbe would stand outside 770 to see off the guests who had come to spend Tishrei with the Rebbe. See these vintage black and white photos of the Rebbe standing outside 770, seeing off the Tishrei guests.

Iran Announces Further Violations of Nuclear Deal

Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, announced during an interview on state television on Monday that the Islamic Republic is building a prototype centrifuge that is 50 times faster than those allowed under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed in 2015.

TV Set Chabad House Lettering Fixed

The backwards Hebrew lettering that sparked the interest of two Lubavitchers on an off the beaten track Brooklyn Street, has been put right. The words, “Chabad Williamsburg,” had been spelled out left to right (instead of right to left), on a store front being rented for a TV set. The two Lubavitchers didn’t put the situation to waste, and after confirming that it wasn’t an actual Chabad House, made sure to put Tefillin on one of the people building the set.