Weekly Story: Two Answers

Since this Shabbos is Gimmel Tammuz, I am posting these two anecdotes which I have recently heard and I will farbreng with, this Shabbos in Florida; with the hope that you, too, will find them inspiring. The story surrounds troublesome questions you might have, and with a different view they may not be so troublesome.

JEM: Batch #5, This One is Special

We are excited to have achieved our objective of posting 25,000 photos before Gimmel Tammuz. In this batch of 6,000, many originate from a previously overlooked box of WLCC photos that, in the course of this recent drive to post 25,000 was uncovered, and the contents were scanned, restored and uploaded by our team.

What is a Pan? And How Do We Write One?

The following is from Rabbi Mendel Itzinger, on the origin and meaning of a Pan, or Pidyon Nefesh that is written to a Rebbe. Many thousands will be writing a pan as they visit the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens over this coming weekend for Gimmel Tammuz.

Princeton Gets New Chabad Center

Chabad of Princeton/Headquarters-Chabad of Greater Mercer County opened its new building last spring on Route 206 in Princeton. Now it is open for all Jews, and the next project is already in the works.