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JEM: The Definition Of A Nassi

In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, the Ashreinu has hand-picked 16 clips from talks of the Rebbe, wherein the Rebbe explains what it means to be a Nassi, a leader of Jews, and what the famous phrase “Hanassi Hu Hakol” means.

In Conversation with Nobel Prize Winner Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel, one of the most passionate Jewish voices of our time, enjoyed an enduring correspondence and personal relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. An avid student, a sought after teacher, survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, Wiesel is the author of numerous related books, among them the bestselling Night, the first in a trilogy about his life in the concentration camps. Recipient of many literary awards and honorary degrees, Mr. Wiesel, a professor at Boston University, spoke with Baila Olidort in may of 2013.